Chapter 2

By this time everyone in the class has noticed that I am not my normal self. I don’t normally have jet black hair nor do I ever stand up and start walking down the middle isle of the class. The teacher, he is a stand-in, our normal teacher wasn’t feeling very well and went home earlier today, lucky for her, was a male about twenty-seven years old and he told us once that he had parents but they died when he was young. This man was about to get killed. He kept shouting my name telling me to get back in my seat, I could hear him and I wanted to obey him but I knew it would never happen and that I couldn’t do anything to help him. Teal was telling everyone to get out, especially Azure and Indigo. They wouldn’t listen they wanted to know what had happened to me. I could hear them ask if this happened often, if I was possessed, if I was going to be okay. Would I ever change back? The answer to most of them was yes. The only one that was no was the possessed one. I am not possessed I have just always been like this. My grandmother was like this as well. She ended up killing all her friends and all her favourite teachers. She also killed her parents then killed herself after having my mother! The teacher, still telling me to get into my seat, started screaming horrifically after I got closer and showed him my fangs. Azure and Indigo where still watching. They were running towards me I could hear them. Teal told them that they couldn’t get near me. They only could if they wanted to die. They back away from me after that. The screams where getting louder. Teal sent another student to get the nurse. The rest of the students went with her, everyone apart from Azure and Indigo. I pierced my fangs into the teacher’s neck and bit hard. I want him to die as quickly as possible. I hope he dies straight away. I slowly start drinking his blood and when the nurse comes I was totally unconscious. Teal comes with me but she doesn’t even know what just happened. Azure walks away with his arm around Indigo who says she is going to be sick. When I wake up the nurse has me pinned to the bed in the nurse’s office because when I wake up I am always violent, this time though I just wake up and looked up at her and wondered what she was doing. I never remember what I have done until someone tells me. Teal tells me I killed the teacher straight away and he didn’t scream and so we can assume he died instantly. I ask about Indigo and Azure, Teal says nothing and walks out the nurse’s room. I go back to sleep and the next time I awake Indigo is standing over the bed. She doesn’t look very happy. Then I link everything together. She saw me kill that teacher, my best friend just saw me kill someone. Indigo saw my other self before I could tell her about it and now she wasn’t happy. “Indigo… I…”

“I don’t care! Why didn’t you tell us before now? I was so worried about you before, when your hair changed colour and you weren’t obeying the teacher. Don’t ever worry me like that again, okay?”

“You don’t think it is strange? You really don’t think my other self is strange? I’ll never worry you again, ever!”

“It’s not strange… It’s who you are; you are my best friend Scarlett, you are also part… What was it?”

“Part demon…? Yeah… Where is Azure?”

“He said he never wants to speak to you again because you didn’t tell us about yourself. Don’t worry I don’t think like that. Why do Teal and the Nurse know about you?”

“They know because Teals grandfather was like that as well. He wasn’t part demon though. He was very strict and sometimes he went very nice, especially around his granddaughter. Eventually he had to tell his granddaughter, Teal, what happens to him. The nurse only knows because if she didn’t know I would have nowhere to go when I turned into my other form.”

“That makes sense. So why did you sit with Teal earlier in class? Did you know something was going to happen?”

“Yeah, I had a feeling that I was going to turn so I sat next to her in case she needed to calm me before I started my kill. It didn’t work though she didn’t manage to stop me in time. Did any students get hurt Indigo?”

“No, there were no student injuries. Azure is just emotionally scarred. Did you kill that teacher? Is he dead?”

“He died instantly… There were no screams coming from him when I pierced his neck so he must have died straight away.”

“It looked sort of painful…”

“I can guess that it was. Want me to bite you too?” I say with a slight giggle as I get up and walk towards her. She starts running round the nurse’s room and I chase her. We can still get on even if we have to be a little distant. Teal and Indigo are my only friends now. I have no one else, my parents don’t know about me but they know about my grandmother. My mother was worried about what would happen, if I would become like her mother. I did but I couldn’t tell her. She spoils me even though I have an older brother. He is just finishing university; I can’t wait to see him again. Although, when he found out he took it like Azure did. He ignored me and then when he went to university he told me he was never coming back home and that I was never to speak to him again. I didn’t really know what to do after that, but he texted me and asked me if I was okay and he said sorry. He is coming home in a month but not to the house, he is living at a friend’s house until he has to go back into the city and ignore me again. I decide that it is best to wait until he comes back before thinking any more about him; my biggest worry is Azure and getting him to speak to me again. Something tells me he won’t ever come around. 

The End

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