Chapter 1

I’ve been friends with them for what seemed like forever. I didn’t know what I would do to them, but I didn’t think I was going to see their dead bodies lying in my room.


‘Hey Indigo!’ I shout while running after her. She is walking with Azure, of course. She obviously fancies him. She won’t say a word to Azure though, Pathetic. ‘Scarlett!’ She scoops me up in a hug. It’s just after summer break. We haven’t seen each other at all. She was always out with Azure and Teal. I was in Germany anyway. We start chatting about everything that happened. Azure leaves us alone, he knows when to leave us alone to speak to each other. We start laughing as soon as we see Teal approach Azure. She fancies him as well, but she has been brave and asked him out. He said no. It was quite funny, but she worked up the courage so I envy her for that. ‘Indigo… I have something to talk to you and Azure about. I don’t mind when. It doesn’t even have to be this week. Just whenever.’

‘Okay. How about Saturday? We can all hang out like the good days!’

‘Alright. See you at break. I’ll tell Azure about it in double Chemistry. I am surprised we are in the same class for almost everything.’

‘I know! Unfair! You are getting closer to him.’

‘I swear. He is all yours.’ I saw with a slight giggle.

‘Thanks! See you later.’ She says when she walks over to talk to some of her other friends that I don’t know.  I catch up with Azure and talk to him for a bit. ‘Um… Are you free on Saturday? I need to speak to you and Indigo about something.’

‘That’s fine by me. Where and when? ‘

‘The train station, ten O’clock.’

“That’s fine. Come on. Let’s go to Chemistry. How about it?”

“It’s not like I am going to miss it!”

We sit through Chemistry and learn nothing. We talk, have a laugh, and of course, we get in serious trouble. We have fun though so we have no problem with getting in trouble. Last two sections of the day is R.M.E and P.S.D. Yeah… but we are all together so we don’t mind. These two subjects are in the same classroom and it’s more like a university lecture room. It’s huge and it curves in a horseshoe shape. Of course, lunch comes first. I meet up with Indigo and all her friends that I don’t know and I tell her that Azure says he can make it. I tell her about everything that happened in Chemistry and how much trouble we got into. She couldn’t stop laughing and all her other friends look at me like I’m an idiot. I walk away and say bye to Indigo. I go and try finding Teal. She will be in the Library I think. Azure catches up with me and says that I need to wait for him to go to the next class. I told him to meet up with Indigo. I find Teal and ask her for some advice. She knows my secret. She helps me when I need to know about things I may need to eat and why I feel unwell. This time I just feel nervous. I feel like my friends are going to find out about me sooner than I wanted. She told me nothing will happen. I believe her and then the bell rings so we head to class. She is in my next classes too, I am the only friend she has and we are really close. Teal was hoping that I would be there in the summer but I was in Germany. We end up at the class and we go in. I sit next to her and near Indigo and Azure but I don’t sit next to them. Eventually our teacher comes in. I get a sudden urge to turn into my other self. I can’t turn in my class though. I have already done that twice and every time I kill the teacher or the pupil. I turn to Teal. She notices my eyes have changed colour she puts her hand up and says I don’t look well and she will take me to the nurse. The nurse knows all about me as well. But it is too late. I have already changed. My hair changes colour to bright red from black. Teal doesn’t know what to do before I go crazy. No matter what she does, I will not stop even if she gets in my way. The teacher at the front of my class is going to die. He has no chance.

The End

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