Demonic Girl

This tale is about a girl who has two best friends. She also has a secret. She eventually has to tell her secret to her friends and they don't accept it. Some things happen and this story... Doesn't end well.


She said sorry for killing your best friend. You said that didn’t quite cut it. She started laughing manically. You looked at her. She injected you with something.


She left you alone. When you died, she apologised to you.

She woke up from a nightmare. She walked over to her mirror and looked at herself. She saw BLOOD. She turned around and she saw you lying next to your best friend, covered in someone’s BLOOD. She screamed. Her parents didn’t come. She noticed some other people lying on the ground next to each other.  It was someone she didn’t want to see. Her parents. If only she hadn’t been part demon, she wouldn’t have hurt them. The BLOOD on her clothes is yours.

She ran out the house. She took her diary and left you there. Even though you were dead she could have at least said goodbye to all of you, but she didn’t. She didn’t mean to kill you. Her demon side took over. You were the last person to see her. You're dead. Why did this happen? You were all best friends before. How could she do this to you? You were the last person to see her. YOU'RE DEAD…

The End

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