A gift that can also be a curse. Male that is slowly dying inside because of horrors his gift given him. Something, he did not asked for.
But cannot love change everything?
Of course it can.
If it lasts....


People screaming.
Blood on my trembling hands.
Police sirens could be heard in the distance while I was kneeling next to dead body of my girlfriend. Her eyes were still so beautiful, but empty of life.  All because I was in too much pain because of my gift and I did not want to use it anymore. My vision was blurry when I looked up at the sky from tears that I was not even ashamed of. I felt the burning sensation of guilt and suddenly, without  any control, my throat shouted, voice full of pain and dreams being crushed to death, with no ability to repair them ever again.

That is when I heard someone shouting and it was surely directed at me. What the voice was yelling was going right through me, leaving several scars on my soul that I knew would stay with me forever, tormenting me with nightmares at night and bittersweet images in my head.
“YOU COULD OF SAVED HER! SHE COULD HAVE BEEN ALIVE!” every single sound  of that sentence was stabbing me in the heart, until I felt that I am just a shell. All the colours of the world just got washed away; it was like someone  put black and white filter on my eyes.

My clothes got soaked with blood and rain, but I couldn’t care less. I grabbed her hand, the skin so soft, like an angel. I wanted to do anything, do something, give my life in return for hers, but I knew that was not possible. First time in my life every heartbeat was just poisoning my blood even more with self-hate. I wanted to  welcome the darkness, I wanted it to swallow me completely, so I would not be able to feel any emotions.

With a shaking hand, I gently touched her eyelids and closed her eyes. I felt like all my life was just a house from cards and now it was getting destroyed so quickly that the mixture of emotions I was getting could not be even described. My blue eyes looked deadly at the person who shot the love of my life.

Shot her like she was nothing.

I stood up and with a scream of rage; I started to run towards the man with a black coat on. But before I could have reached him and make some other family grieve as much as I was, someone dragged me away. I wanted to kill anyone who was in my way of, what I thought, was justice.
“Do you want to go to his level?” someone said calmly next to my ear and I froze on the spot. Anger, grieve, sadness – all the emotions were just mixed like a cocktail, making me feel so lost. And looking once again at the lifeless body of my girlfriend, making her look like a doll, I started to feel something even more terrifying.


The only person who completely understood me was lying on the street with bits of her skull missing. With fear I tried to block out all of the sounds and visuals to use my gift that was a curse at the same time. I attempted to bring the face of my girlfriend’s mum and see into her future. Everything just went blurry and muted when I was going through series of short shots and small fragments of films of her future, trying not to lose what I was getting into. What I saw made me fall on my knees second time in this nightmare that just killed all my hopes for an angel, something, someone to save me.
“What did you saw?” my friend kneeled next to me. 
“I went into the future of Amy…”
“And what happened?”

The images in my head were replaying, seeing Amy slowly lifting a gun and pointing it at her head. 
“I’m sorry that I couldn’t take proper care of you, my dear Natalie.” With those words I screamed when inside of my head I saw bullet entering her forehead and coming out the other end, as she fallen on the ground and gave her last breath. I shouted again and again, trying to wake up from this hell that I could have stopped. My friend tried to calm me down as I carried on yelling while crying.

“I don’t want to be who I am!”

The End

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