Demonic 1: Intertwined Fates

In the kingdom of Citria, a time of peace has settled. Vuldon Darke, a dark-Demon host, has finally been defeated, and by her own sister. Hope Blissia is the bringer of peace to Citria. She has long since mastered her own Demon and lives peacefully, even as she knows her own identity might wreak havoc on the placid Citria once more. Leaving the past behind, she has become a Master. She accepts two recent graduates of the Academy in an attempt to please the king and the rest of Citria.

Demonic 1: Intertwined Fates


Foreword by the author: This story is entirely fictional. The characters are my own, though a few of them have been based off of people who have supported my throughout writing this novel. My sister, Joan, was the inspiration for Glacia Blix. Demonic 1: Intertwined Fates is the first story of a series I have designed. I originally came up with it with the help of my brother and my sister. Thank you guys! Please read and enjoy. I accept all criticism gladly. Thank you!





 "Light vanished;

Darkness remained.

Light ceased to exist;

Darkness took its place.

Evil darkness;

Must be crushed.

Light will prevail.

Light shall regain power."                         


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            "I'll kill you," she said venomously, hatred etched in her voice. "No," she decided, a sardonic expression replacing the abhorrence upon her delicate features. "I'll hurt you first. I'll hurt you the same way you hurt me. I'll take away everything precious to you. I'll make it so that you wished you were dead. And then I'll kill you."

            Hope didn't doubt what Vuldon was saying--she was fully capable, and more.

            James stood by, held by the guards. He couldn't scream anymore. He was too dehydrated to do more than whisper hoarsely. "Please, Hope... Don't aggravate her anymore... It's not worth it. You can't beat her." He couldn't bear to watch as Vuldon tore down Hope's defenses, both emotion-wise and physically. James drew a sharp breath.

            "You aren't my sister anymore," Vuldon spoke again, revulsion was plain on her face again. "You might have been once upon a time, but we aren't of any relation. I thought I warned you that."

            "Vuldon," Hope whispered, her eyes clouding with tears. "Return home... Jomed is dead. You're safe now."

            This seemed to draw more fury from Vuldon. Her pupils narrowed. "Who do you think is responsible for that? You killed him. He was the only person who understood me. And you killed him, and I'll kill him." Vuldon gestured none too politely to James.

            "Don't drag others into this. This is between us."

            "You killed Jomed, an outsider. I'll do the same thing." She nodded to one guard who nodded back.

            The man raised a hand and struck James on the temple. Blood trickled from the spot where he had been hit. James managed to look blearily at Hope and give her a weak nod.

            "You can still move? Well, we'll change that quickly." Her voice was malevolent; evil. Vuldon signaled to the same guard. He threw punch after punch, each meeting its target with a sickening smack.

            Hope stood motionless, feeling rage pulse through her. It was when James finally lost consciousness when Hope felt herself let go. A brilliant white light filled the room, every dark corner alit with the sudden brightness. In the very core of the light, a pure white angel stood. It was donned in a creme silk cloak. One arm slowly raised itself, hidden beneath the cloak. The hand turned palm-side up. The room shimmered with energy.

            Hope's irises had turned a crimson red. 'Dying isn't not living; not breathing, but rather when you stop thinking of living. I've died many times over. I'm alive because of Jomed.' Those were your words, weren't they? Does that mean you'll die again? She spoke, and it was with a richer, more dignified aura. "I'll kill you, just as you said, since we aren't of any relation. Not anymore." It wasn't her who spoke. It was her rage, amplified by a million after watching her long-time friend being knocked out. It was her Demon. She had never let it get loose before, afraid of the consequences. But today was an exception. Today, she allowed it.

            Hope gave the order to kill.

The End

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