A story of the gods and their vicious rivalries for domination. Demonia - an evil spirit in form of a beautiful woman succeeds in placing herself on Earth, where her thirst for power over Time and the resistance of one particular goddess from above amounts to just one man.

I looked down at the beautiful silver gun in my hands and smiled. She was the vision of perfection, sparkling gold from the sun's rays shining from the window beside us. There was no safety lever, just a small, delicate trigger. I continued to hold her carefully in my fingers.

 She was embossed with intricate designs, black patterns engraved into her steel body in forms of delicate swirls and decorative ridges borne with miniscule detail. At the centre of the gun, where the barrel and the guns handle were joined, a small emblem was inscribed into the metal face, the only section of the design that was not intricately laced with the others. A vague, swirled pattern formed the body of a woman, long hair spiraling around her.

 I held this gun up closer to my face and moved her in my hands, gently tipping her from side to side to watch how the light glazed from her glittering hair in different shades of gold and silver in awe …

 After I felt I could bear it, I removed the gun from my direct sight - blinked a little in the sudden darkness that fell upon my unaccustomed eyes, having just stared at something so bright and so wonderful - and attached her cautiously to the band around my left forearm. These weapons were necessary now - and I longed to wield them. They were not only beautiful, but lethal. Enchanting - tantalizing to the touch - yet dangerous, deadly, powerful, inevitably victorious. Just like their bearer.

 Next I picked up the long dagger on the table in front of me. I studied this, too. However, Time was something that I didn’t have at present, however beautiful, it, too, was. So I pushed it into the band around my other arm and straightened up, looking around.

 The room was reasonable, fulfilling all of my current needs. It was lavishly furnished and opulently decorated. The windows were strung with heavy cream curtains that fell just short of the thick beige carpet. The centerpiece of the room was the grand-sized bed; beyond the size of any I had ever seen. It was covered in white and gold silks and many plump pillows, no doubt stuffed with the feathers of some beautiful bird, tragically rare. Of course they would have slaughtered such inessential creatures for none other than my welfare. I smiled at the thought. How was it that the people of this world remained so lawful and uncorrupt when those governing them were so utterly unjust – they treated their criminals better than their Kings, apparently.

 I stake my bet that it is for their religion that they continue to act so foolishly, following their leaders blindly into a darkness where they can not, and will never, see the light again. All that for a belief that is not proved, is merely stated by those whom it favors. Into death it leads them all - I see it and all shall see it after I am through with their world. I will show them the Light until it is bright in their faces and I can see suns in their eyes. They go on living as though it is there purpose? Responsibility? If they merely understood what I could understand, or felt what I could feel, they would soon change their minds and fall against their dear religion and their many Gods of high who rule them and make them the servants of their land, in exchange handing them nothing more than illness, poverty and death.

 Indeed, my mind sees very clearly, and it will not be hard for them to do also once they see what it is that I have to offer them: an alternative to their egotistic Gods, their insatiable leaders and those that govern them to something that they do not understand, and when they finally do, they will be imprisoned within the darkness binding them to an eternity of ill-favor.


I blinked up at the vast mirror hanging opposite me upon the high wall just in time to watch my eyes deglaze from my vivid trance where I had pictured these people under my rule, with the freedom to live in wealth and in power without the segregation of class or of the limit of time.

 Ah, time. What a terrible thing. It should well be destroyed. And it shall, when the time comes, though it is not yet, the time. The time will come, and come it may, though depart it may not ever again, for I will hold it under my finger like the Queen I was destined to be. Time shall be under my power, and mine alone, and Time shall never be unleashed upon the world again. Such an evil thing, Time, a work of Demons and of those ‘righteous?’ Gods and their depraved systems of justice and thirst for a glory for only themselves.

 I shook my head a little to lift the daydream from my mind. I had too little time to be contemplating my plan that was already set and in full swing. Oh, yes, it was indeed. I was here, in their world, and they had no clue as to what I was to do to their hideous little minds and grasping attributes.

 I looked back at my own reflection in the mirror. There was that knowledge shared between us (myself and the dark beauty before me). I looked deeply into my own eyes and I saw integrity, purpose, strength, power and dominance. I smiled once again as I brushed my hair back from my face at one side. Silken smooth, glossy, black. It glimmered in the light as much as my gun had done, and there is little doubt that others will become as drawn to it as I had been with her.

I was not yet ready for the outside world to take me full in my stride. No, the time was not yet here. Though I did have a job to do. The most essential part of my plan, before I was free to roam my newly conquered world without the limits or boundaries of the laws of mankind. I could hardly contain my excitement.

 On came dark, glistening, crimson lipstick and long grey coat, fastened tightly at the waist, and down came my long, tumbling hair. My eyes were shadowed with dark makeup and I poured a drop of my rather special perfume down my neck and rubbed a very small amount into my wrists. It was a high density liquid - however small the amount I dabbed onto my skin, it did not affect its capabilities, rest assured, it was still near fatal in times of need. I grinned at my white-toothed reflection for the last time before heading out of the lavish suit and out into the world.

Prepared for step one.

The End

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