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Long ago the population of the Darklands had decreased by almost a half. The demons dwelling in the satanical place were afraid to set foot on Human territory. This fear was initiated by one man, capable of slashing a demon by the simple movement of his sword. His name was Gregori Raziel, the first demonhunter ever to exist, he existed thanks to a prayer. He was given the power to exterminate the demons that crossed the line between what was dark and what was human. He was not alone in this boundless fight, he had converted other human beings into demonhunters, thus forming a Legion of Demon Hunters. The demons from the Darklands craved for human flesh and blood, their heinous form of entertainment  came from destruction and slaughter. To hear a human being scream was a delight to their senses.

The Lord of the Darklands, Draken, was perturbed by the demon's inability to cross the line. He was tall and upright despite his age (more than 1,000 years old), powerful among all the demons, he soon claimed the title of Lord of the underworld. His face was cold and pale, his eyes red with a gleam of gold surrounding the iris, he had sharp claws and rather small, pointy ears. He displayed great powers when he turned to his original and grotesque form. He heard of the winged beast with the power of words and prophecies. He then prayed to the winged spirit. The spirit appeared and chant:

"A hybrid will be born, engendered by a human being, royal demon blood will run in its veins. The child will have a human appearance, with the abilities of a demon. The child will be powerful, blending two ancestral lineages in its blood. When the demonhunter's prophecy comes to fulfillment, the child will be sent to kill the Demonhunter. Upon failure, the child will die and half your kindred will vanish into oblivion, your kingdom will crumble, and the demonhunter will claim your existence."

The winged beast then disappeared, leaving the Lord's castle in obscurity. The Lord of the Darklands was in dismay, "no son of mine will set foot on Earth to copulate with a mortal!" he shouted in fury, fire  erupted through the cracks in the ground and flames flickered in the room. The flames licked him, but did not hurt him. "I'll rather die than have anything to do with that insignificant and inferior race!" His pride was greater than the desire to live.

The shame he will receive if one of his sons were to enter into contact with a mere human being was dreadful, and thus, he closed all the gates leading to Earth. One of his sons, a rebellious demon, half vampire confronted his law of never crossing the line. His pretentious son was his best warrior, and he boasted being able to kill the demonhunters by himself. He called his father a coward that hid behind that thin line between their world and the human world.

His son, Aldrest, unleashed his father's fury. Lord Draken turned himself into a monstrous beast, he increased his powers ten-fold. This creature was as black as night, a deformed body with limbs and sharp claw-like hands and feet, he had a horn protruding from his head just above his red eyes. His fangs hungered for blood. Aldrest made it out alive after a mortal fight against his father, he escaped with the help of his vampire servant, Ravalja. With the energy he had left, he crawled himself out into to the human world.

The sun touched him, he summoned the power he had left to shape-shift into the appearance of a human. He waited in a dark alley all day for his prey. His last rebellion against his father. One night, one woman, the prophecy was set forth under the clear night sky, and the powerful full moon above them. Aldrest died.

Nine months later the child was born in the basement of a semi-demolished building. The mother left her behind to rot, deeming her child a mistake to this world. The company in charge for the full demolition of the site heard the incessant cries of a baby. They rescued the baby, covered with blood and dust, and took her to the nearby hospital. It was a miracle a newborn had survived so many days in the darkness, dampness, and deplorable conditions of the uninhabitable basement.

She was fed and had become eligible for adoption. One year later, she was adopted by a family consisting of an alcoholic father and an abusive mother. She thus grew, despite these inconveniences, always unaware of her true powers.

That child was me.

The End

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