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I jumped off the bus and ran across the street to my house. I flung open the door, throwing my bag down and heading straight. I turned into the living room, and opened a door to my right. Then I headed down the stairs of the empty house to the basement, where the odd book awaited.

As soon as my feet hit the floor, I padded over to a small corner on the far wall. That was where I'd discovered the book. There was a pile of dust-layered books there, a blanket draped over them. I lifted off the blanket and pulled the only book that didn't have dust on it out of the pile. Then, I pushed the blanket back over the stack,and held the heavy book under my arm as I headed up the stairs again.

I wasn't supposed to be going through my dad's old stuff, because it upset my mom. I didn't know why she didn't want me to know stuff about him, but I didn't care at the moment. I raced up the next flight of stairs that took me to the top floor of our house, and I turned left and opened a door down the hall, walking into my room. I sat at my desk next to my laptop and pulled open the book. The words were all jumbled, and it looked like they were in handwriting, but in a completely different language.

Yet, the writing seemed familiar to me. The letters were similar to our alphabet, the English alphabet, only they looked different. Maybe it was Latin! I searched up the Latin alphabet, but stopped before I even pressed enter. I realized abruptly that I understood what it said. I pulled out a small mirror and held it up to the spidery handwriting. The writing was reversed! It had been written backwards and from right to left. I read the clever masking of the written book. The front page read: 'Demonhunters'.

I flipped the book open and began reading what it said.

'There was once a human, a man named Gregori Raziel. He was only a teenager when they started coming to his town. The demons had always lived on the Earth. There before even humans were, but eons before, they had been forced underground by the humans, and they'd gone. Vampires, lycans and many other demons had been banished to the Darklands, a world they'd created when they had been sent away. Gregori watched thousands of people dying, the demons slaughtering the townspeople. He didn't know what to do but hide with his family.

'Gregori decided that he was going to make a wish. He prayed as many had prayed before him, but he did not pray to a god. Gregori prayed to an animal he thought was sacred-- he prayed to a magnificent creature.  It was bird-like, wings and head of a bird with the body of a beast. That creature's eyes glowed bright as he prayed to it, and it rose into the air. Lights shot out from it, changing it into a human. The lady had long black hair, and her eyes sparkled silver. She said that she would help him only because she knew that his prayer was real. She touched his arm, and her touch brought a strange marking across his flech which writhed and changed. It glowed gold and bright, light exploding from his arm. When the light cleared, she was gone.

'He felt different then he had before. His senses were more acute, his speed was amazing, and his strength surpassed human levels. He did not know what he was anymore. Perhaps a demon? No. He knew he was so much more than that. Minutes after his transformation, a demon came into his hiding spot. It raced towards him, and he thought it was over. But there was something inside him, a new power, thought drove him forward. The marking grew as a weapon appeared in his hand. A long sword of blinding light was in his hand, and he stabbed it into the demon, ending the creature's life. He suddenly knew what he was.

'Gregori realized that he was the very opposite of a demon. He was a demon hunter. A Demonhunter, a warrior created to rid the world of demons and keep them at bay in the Darklands. He made a legion of Demonhunters, under his willing touch, he changed them, and they too acquired strange power. But none as great as his. He passed this down to his son, who passed it down to his son, and as was done throughout the centuries, each new Demonhunter's destiny being to keep the demons away.

'But a prophecy foretold of a new Demonhunter, the son of a son that would go on seven times who would be forced to become the best of the best. Demons would enter his town, and he would be forced to repeat that which had been done hundreds of years ago, just as Gregori had done. He would be the thread that kept the world suspended inches from apocalyptic flames, one strand away from utter destruction that would mean the end.

'However, this Demonhunter would only be a boy. A teenager of sixteen years who would be untrained by his dead father who had thought it unnecessary to continue the training. All other Demonhunters followed his example, only they stopped the line of Demonhunters completely, causing them to be nearly extinct save for the one child. So the young Demonhunter would be forced to rid the Earth of the demons that would try to conquer the world anew, attempting to get the humans into the Darklands.

'The boy's name would be that of a mythological yet magnificent creature, large and beautiful. One with the body of a lion and the wings and head of an eagle. His last name would be that of the very first Demonhunter.

'And he would finish what had been strted centuries before his time...'

I pondered the legend, at first dismissing it as lies. But then I looked down at my arm and thought of the man who had the same mark and shared the same last name as me. Gregori Raziel. Griffin Raziel.

Body of a lion... wings and head of an eagle...

I searched it up, and looked at the results.

GRIFFIN: Griffins are portrayed with a lion's body, an eagle's head, long ears, and an eagle's claws, to indicate that one must combine intelligence and strength. ...

I stared at it for a while, remembering the origin of my name. It had come from this mythical creature, straight out of medieval lore. The griffin was intelligent and strong, just as his parents had predicted him to be. The griffin was the creature in the myth.



I was the heir of Gregori Raziel.

I was the last Demonhunter!


The End

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