Chapter One: MarkingsMature

I watched uninterested as my teacher strolled across the front of the classroom speaking eloquently about something that was insignificant. Golden sunlight drifted through the window to my right, lighting all of Ashcove into day. I rested my head on the palm of my hand, my elbow hard against my mahogany coloured desk. My mind drifted in and out of consciousness as I pretended to listen to the lecture my teacher was giving. Suddenly, the room was quiet, and a thunderous noise jarred my body. I turned my head quickly to see my teacher, Mr. Davis, with his hand on my desk. His face was only inches from mine.

"I suggest you begin to listen Griffin, otherwise you'll be out of this class faster then you can apologize," he said. The corners of his mouth turned up into a false smile that was meant to frighten me. It didn't. I smiled back nicely, and watched him turn and walk back to the front of the class.

"At least I can listen without a hearing aid, old man," I mumbled. He turned, and I knew that he couldn't hear what I'd said (due to the fact that he wasn't using his hearing aid). I smiled mockingly and waved plitely. This angered him more, and he returned to the front of the classroom. I raised my hand just as he opened his mouth to speak.

"What is it, Griffin?" he asked.

"I need to use the bathroom," I said.

"No!" he snapped.

"Fine," I said. "Even though this is child negligence, I'm fine with that. I guess I'll just pee on the floor." Half the class laughed.

"GO!" said the teacher, exhaling slowly. I smiled as I stood and headed out the class door. When I got into the school hallway, I took a right and headed toward the bathroom. Once I got in, I looked down at my left arm. There was a strange arcane kind of marking, the kind that you would see in some kind of freaky possesed person movie. The mark wrapped around my arm, swirling like a magical matrix. It changed every day, like it was living.

The markings had appeared only days ago, after I'd touched an old book that had once belonged to my deceased father. It was written in some language that I'd never seen before, and I couldn't read it. Dissapointed with the enigmatic writings, I'd put it away. I ran water over it, seeing what might happen. As the water fell upon it, it glowed, radiating a golden light that emanated from my arm. I flinched back, pulling my arm from the water, which abruptly turned off. I stared at the odd thing that was wrapped around my left arm, up to my wrist, where it ended like a tattooed bracelet.

The glowing ceased. I ran my fingers over the skin, which didn't feel any different than it always had. I rolled my sleeve back up onto my arm, just as someone walked into the bathroom. Then, I walked past them and headed back to class.

Mr. Davis watched me as I walked into the classroom, disturbing his lesson. I sat at my seat, and he looked at me, his beady eyes taking me in. He began to talk again, and I realized my sleeve wasn't pushed down all the way. I pushed it down quickly, and my teacher looked away as I did. Did he see? I thought.

The teacher went on with his lesson, and I stood up seconds before the bell rang. It had been on impulse, not that I was used to it, but as if I'd known it would happen. (Which I did, but it was supposed to ring later than when it did)

I walked out the door, and walked down the hallway, down the stairs and over to my locker. After gathering my things, I wove my way through the hall as teenagers flitted throughout the school.

I was going home to see that strange book again.

The End

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