Griffin never knew about his destiny. He thought his life was insignificant and that he didn't have to do anything. His life was normal... but then he uncovered the stunning truth about himself that would change his life forever. Griffin is a Demonhunter, created to rid the Earth of demons... to follow in his father's footsteps.


Griffin sat on his bed, staring out his window at the wavering sun that casted a bright golden halo against the trees and the ocean that lined the horizon of Ashcove. The ocean waves that crashed against the sandy beach shore glittered gold in the illuminating sunlight. The waves seemed to be on fire in the light, and the fire dispersed each time the waves crashed upon the seashore, only to be recreated for the same process to occur. Kids ran across the beach, laughing and screaming.

They had no idea what their lives would be like without people like Griffin.

He turned to face his door, knowing what was coming. The door swung open, crashing against his wall and smashing into a thousand splinters.  The strength and capability of the thing behind the door were phenominal. The creature stepped into the room, its crimson eyes demonic and wild. It looked human except for its pale complexion and ruby coloured irises. Its raven hair blew across its beautiful face as it moved silently and gracefully into the room.

A pungent odor filled the room, one of death and rotting corpses. The creature's pale face caught the sunlight, and it didn't care. The vampire was a Daylighter, and so the sun wouldn't affect him. With lightning speed, the demon was behind Griffin, who turned slowly. "You will die now, Hunter!"

"I know," Griffin said. Surely it wasn't a bad thing he was doing. He was dying to protect his family, everyone he loved, and all of Ashcove. The demons would retreat after knowing of his death, leaving the city never to come back to kill. His nobility before his death would not be in vain. Griffin knew he could do nothing about this, so he simply lifted his head and tilted it to the side, exposing his neck. Then, he flexed it, revealing his jugular vein.

Closing his eyes, he waited for his inevitable demise.

The End

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