The slave trade

Mathew gave Liam a disapproving glance. "Liam could you dress any scruffier?"

The young Lord looked down at his clothing. "I don't know what's wrong with it brother." He answered giving Mathew an innocent face his eyes wide. 

The younger boy frowned, "Liam you're going to meet Sir Tuliou Bennett and you're dressed in a traveling cape and a night shirt." 

Mathew clenched his jaw as Liam shrugged. "If I was to dress proper I would stick out like a sore thumb."

 Mathew sighed exasperatedly and rubbed his temple "My dear brother you must learn that women like a properly dressed man."

Liam laughed "You have not yet figured out that my intention is not to gain the attention of women." He said with a devilish smirk.

The pair walked briskly towards the arena. Past the lines of demons and overseers. Liam wrinkled his nose, he hated this place, it stank of death. As they neared the arena he got a feeling of foreboding, there was a dark aura surrounding the place. The arena loomed above them as they stood it its shadow. That was when Liam felt it, a pull of sorts tugging at his chest. It was almost like an ache, not so much that is was a pain, but enough for him to notice it.  Suddenly the screams from a small gathering off to the left closer to the arena caught their attention.

Liam felt the pull intensify as they neared, but he couldn't pinpoint who's wavelength it belonged to, there was too many people. As he pushed through the crowd he saw what the commotion was all about. It was a girl. Restrained and with no chance of escape, she was struggling. Her shackled legs flailed as she kicked out violently. She yanked at her chains pulling them taught, the guards forced her towards the cell, her ragged feet scrapping on the loose stones. The four guards manoeuvred her roughly into the holding cell. They flung her down dropping the heavy poles and retreated. As she raised her muzzled face the portcullis crashed down.

He knew in that instant it was her, their quarry.


Laughing. The were always laughing. Laughing at her kind laughing at her. She clenched her jaw in the muzzle she wore. They would stop laughing. She would silence them. Their fear was ebbing and she couldn't have that. It was time to show them what a real demon could do. As soon as the guards had plucked up the courage to remove the neck collar with magic she flung herself against the bars, her chains clattering against the them, hands clawing through the bars shaking them with all her might.  She could feel that strange pressure at the back of her mind, lessened by the magic restraining her wavelength, she took no notice consumed by anger.


Liam saw the girl covered with more chains than any of the other demons he had seen. He could only see the back of her as she fell away from the bars, but then she turned her head and he forgot how to breathe. Her hair hung in rats' tails across her dirty face, but it wasn't her gaunt features which transfixed him. It was her eyes. Alive with unbroken spirit, filled with an angry, insane drive of fury. The colour of fire.

She stared into his eyes, as though seeking out his soul. Then without warning she lunged, slamming her full weight into the bars once more, shaking them with unbelievable strength for someone of her height and weight. Blood dripped from the wound around her neck and she let out a muffled scream. One of the guards on either side of the holding cell produced a whip and smacked it against the bars. The effect was immediate. The demon shrank back from the bars, glaring at the man with the strip of leather.

Mathew was at his side.  "Come on Liam, father isn't known for his patience." "Right..." Liam said only half listening, still staring at the demon girl. There was something about her, something he couldn't place. She watched him with those hatred filled eyes as he stumbled away shaking his head.

As soon as they had found their seats in the arena Mathew whispered "I couldn't sense her wavelength." Liam nodded "Neither could I."

"Is she the one then?"

"Yes I'm sure of it." Liam answered confidently "But God of the sun, those eyes...felt like she was trying to tear me apart with them."

"Tuliou should have acted by now..." Mathew muttered uneasily looking in the direction of the accounts tower to their far right, towering over the arena.

"He's waiting for the opportune moment." Liam said following Mathew's gaze to the top of the arena where he knew the accounts where stored and where Tuliou was currently completing his part of the mission.


Meanwhile up in the accounts tower Tuliou was busying over the many books in the room, pulling them out one after another flicking through and then shoving them disordered back onto the shelf. The security system was complex it had taken him two hours of undercover searching to get his head around the patrols of the guards by looking at the large model in the centre of the accounts room that showed every single level and passageway of the slave trade.

In the time he had been examining the model he discovered that magic was used to seal certain cells and the arena had a dome of invisible magic sealing the demons and slaves in, however, people from the outside the force field could get in. The accounts room held so far everything from 200 years ago and was updated every day. The auctioneers used this room to get any information they needed on the demons to be fought or sold.

Pulling yet another volume from the curved shelf he rifled through to the 17th, before slamming it shut in frustration. Another book this time from the shelf below, flicking hurriedly to page 2347 he thumbing through the seemingly endless columns of names his eyes skimmed past Katie Price, Tom Wix, Davis woods. Nothing.

 He moved onto the next book this one titled Registered Demons volume 265. Again he flicked to the same date and scrolled through the names Jason, Lily, Ajax, Bernard... He slammed the book shut in a pouf of dust cursing in frustration.

Just then he saw a book on a corner table that hadn't been put away and unlike the other thick volumes read Rogue demons. He seized it with fumbling hands and flicked to the destined page his eyes searching franticly. He passed names crossed out with red lines before stopping abruptly. There was only one entry on the page written in neat slanted writing.

Name: Unknown

 Gender: Female

Demon Form: Unknown

Location when caught: Brook's creek/ Ranaco

 Reason for capture: Demon was reported to have attacked a large number of people during a market day. Injured 10 and killed 16. The decision was that the demon had turned rogue and under the sorcerers' code the demon had to be detained as they were not only a threat to the public, but to themselves as well.

Location now: Demon slave trade, level 14, corridor 245, cell 567 maximum security.

Spells include: Wavelength repression, enchanted shackles and demon form restraint. To remove utter the incantation Free thy bonds in the ancient language.

Tuliou breathed out a sigh of relief, scanning the entry several times before leaving the book unopened on the table. He had everything he needed. Thanking Aria the God of time he passed the oblivious guards still engrossed in their card game and moved towards the top of the arena to complete his tast.

The End

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