Lust for Blood

She breathed in deeply, a rattling breath escaping chapped lips. After another few shuddering breaths and a throaty laugh rippled through her. It was strange to hear a sound other than the muffled ones she had become so used to. The laugh grew in sound echoing throughout the shocked stadium which had fallen into silence. Looking up she stared triumphantly at the prince. His expression mirrored those around him. Shocked, horrified. With a flourish of her hand she bowed mockingly, her eyes never leaving the Prince's face, full of contempt and scorn.

As she rose back up to her full height, the crowd began to mutter uneasily. The Prince seemed to be lost for words, his mouth opening and closing stupidly. "My good  Prince, Death could never give me what I deserve! Just living under your King's rule is punishment enough!" She drawled correcting his earlier statement before she spat derisively onto the dirt.

The Crown Prince seemed to snap out of his trance, his expression turning stony. "Guards!" He shouted, his hand slicing commandingly through the air. Guards poured into the arena, leaping over the sides of the stadium into what was essentially an inescapable goldfish bowl, swords drawn as they attacked from all sides. She curtseyed to the Prince holding the fifthly rag between her bloodied fingers ignoring the oncoming threat.

The silent spell that had so entranced the audience shattered. Screams, yells, terrified cries, men and women of all status's scrambling over one another in an attempt to get away from the rogue demon.  

The guards pressed down upon her like a mass of armoured ants. "Let the execution being!" She lunged towards the oncoming tidal wave of glinting steel. With new found energy coursing through her veins the urge to transform consumed her. The smell of fear was thick as peat swamping all other emotions leaving only the anger and the compelling nag to kill. 

 Where there had once been nails, crude talons took their place slicing through flesh like a sword through blades of grass. Kill the Prince  the demon within her screamed. He had to pay, she would punish the King as he had punished her. With a furious battle cry, she dodged and slashed tearing at anything whether it was exposed skin or chain mail. 

Blood, blood everywhere. 

One guard who held an axe swung it ferociously at her. Spinning her body around she stopped the blow with the chains around her wrists. With one quick dodge she had the chains around his throat choking the life out of him. Just as she was about to break his neck a sword came crashing down. Leaping out of the way using the dead man as a shield she heard the sword crunch against bone.


She was relentless, attacking left and right, a beast with a never-ending lust for blood. Liam, however, wasn't able to spectate any longer, as soon as the guards had realised he wasn't running away from the scene they had advanced. He was battling three men all weighted down with weapons. The only advantage; he was a Maven they were ungifted.

Mathew seemed to have released every demon he could find. The whole of the slave trade was in complete and utter chaos. The Prince had vanished from the scene, dragged away by his bodyguard. Demons and Maven had abruptly turned attacking any ungifted they set eyes on. Corven was still nowhere to be seen, but Liam had caught a glimpse of Tuliou pulling two young demons away from the fighting.

The sound of steel on steel resounded around them as Liam blocked and parried, ducking to avoid decapitation. Liam pushed one of the guards back towards the edge of the stadium, nearer to the arena. Another block to the right. He felt the 'Whoosh' of metal slice through the air a hair's breadth away from his face. Kicking the man ahead of him off of the benches into the arena, he ducked, knocking the feet from under the man on his left. He landed heavily on his back, winded. Liam's sword clashed once again with the remaining guard's sword. Fuelled by adrenaline Liam feinted.

The guard fell for the move and went in for the attack, only to have Liam thrust his own blade forwards into his gut. The man stumbled back clutching his stomach. He would be dead soon enough, a wound like that would have ruptured his stomach. Liam didn't wait around to find out. If it hadn't been for the shout behind him Liam would have found himself in the same position as the man spluttering blood a few feet away from him. However, the war cry had signalled that the previously winded guard was back up.

Liam spun on his heel, just as the man behind him raised his sword high above his head and swung down. An arrow pierced his neck and he stumbled back the weight of the sword pulling him over the edge into the arena. Looking over his shoulder, Liam saw Mathew, small and slight, flashing through the crowd. He smirked. Mathew although small and skinny had the ability to handle a bow whilst running and if need be shoot with a blow pipe. He was skilled in both strategy and craftsmanship, if they hadn't been fighting Liam would have treated him to a drink, but that could wait.

His attention was brought away from Mathew back to the arena as an unearthly sound reached his ears. It was louder than a scream, deep like a roar, but mixed with the yell of a human. His eyes found the source immediately. The demon girl, still fighting with a resilience so hatred filled he felt apprehensive just watching her, as though she could tear him apart without so much as touching him. She drew back panting her brow slick with sweat.

In her weak state he wasn't surprised to see her tiring, it was time for his part of the plan to come into play. Leaping over the side of the arena and landing cat-like on the blood soaked dirt, Liam cut and slashed a path towards the demon in question.

The End

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