The old man raised a bushy eyebrow. "An' ya told us tha' why?" The newcomer sighed heavily. The small group waited in tense silence for at least a minute before the man named Liam said in a quiet, serious voice, "Gentlemen. . . I have a plan to overthrow the king..."

There was a long silence, the only noise the ruckus behind them. Corven was the first to react. He cackled mirthlessly slapping his leg "You wan'ta take down the king. My, you be mad as old Crow with tha' kind o thinking! Kill the king? Ba! Impossible!" He laughed his stale breath clouding them all once more.

Liam removed his elbows from the table and put them behind his head. "It's not impossible. With the help of everyone around this table we could take the whole kingdom down."

The skinny youth looked up his eyebrows furrowed "Isn't this a bit sudden? I mean how am I of any use to anyone, I just a...nobody."

Liam closed his eyes and smiled, "You have no family therefore you have nothing to loose, you can make anything with your hands, you're quick both in mind and agility. And I know for a fact the king want's all of your kind locked up."

The boy named Mathew flinched "I dunno what kind you're talking about. I'm as normal as everyone else round this table." He defended waving a hand for emphasis.

"Well, that's not entirely true. . ." Liam said eyes still closed a serene expression on his face, accompanied with a small smile.

"What yer talking about?" Corven butted in. Mathew  gripped his seat tightly and glared at Liam. The black haired man opened one eye, "I can sense your wavelength boy." Mathew sucked in a breath. "You're about as normal as me and Tuliou." Liam pointed lazily in the direction of the intimidating figure beside him.

"You're lyin'." Mathew protested shaking his head. Liam opened his eyes fully and the boy's own eyes widened in shock. Liam's vibrant blue eyes crackled with an unnatural light. "You're a Demon Mathew and I'm a Maven, there is nothing normal about that."

Mathew seemed unable to close his mouth as he stared into Liam's overly blue eyes. It took him a few gulps to being stuttering "W-why do you want to b-bring him down in the first place?"

Liam's eyes faded to their natural blue as he leant forwards and spoke "There was a prophecy."

"No ther' weren't. I'm a pirate and we know all the old tales." Corven accused.

"Yes there was Corven. Before the Elders were attacked by Rhodoru their Shaman had a vision,

When the present is plagued with past,
When the broken beast is freed at last,
When the dark of dawn arrives,
The rebellion will arise,
A single spark, a dying ember,
This is a tale you will remember,
For when the fire roars and the drums pound,
When the monster is awakened by a single sound,
When the dark of dawn reveals the demons of the night,
They won't be blighted by the glowing light,
Not this time. . ."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Mathew asked incredulously.

Liam shrugged, "No one knows, but the Shaman uttered; with the fifth Generation the King will be felled with the gifts of the tribes. 

"An' how ar you supposed to know your the one destined for greatness? Tha's a stupid made up stinkin' pile o maggot pie of a prophecy," Corven interjected for what felt like the hundredth time that night. "It says nothin' about an ill-bred Demon with the mind of a fanciful dogfish."

"How do we all fit into this?" Mathew blurted out.

The broad-shouldered man by the name of Tuliou slammed his fist on the table again. "WOULD YOU LET THE MAN SPEAK!" He shouted over Corven and Mathew's argument.

Liam breathed out slowly before he leant in. "I know I was chosen to be one of the ones to rise against the reign of the Drakes. I was born with soul sorcery, a gift only the tribal Elder can recognise in a child."

"How do we know your not lyin'?" Mathew asked. The unnatural blue light returned to Liam's gaze as wisps of ethereal light trickled around his fingers.

 Corven had been transfixed at Liam's fingers said, "So why d'y want ta' take this 'rebellion' into yr' own hands?"  

"That 'King' has sat on his arse of a throne for too long, I'm sick of the way he treats people. I hate his guts, his soul. His family has stripped the land of all that is good. They may be the good for nothing golden realm, but beneath that hard layer of shinny irresistible gold is a festering pit of evil."

"What ar y suggesting?" Corven interrupted.

Liam looked at the old man "I'm suggesting we form an alliance and take him down, but I need everyone here to join me or it will all be for nothing, your expertise will be crucial if this plan is to ever work."    

Corven eyed Liam with distaste "So wha' d y need old Crow for then?"

 Liam leant closer and whispered "You have a ship headed straight for Ravata with a crew hell bent on snapping that bastard's spine, you're our ticket over there if you agree to form an alliance. I say it's our turn to rise, the light has ruled for too long. The time is now."

Corven swallowed the remnants of his ale wiping the dregs of foam from his beard. "I'll join if 'he does." He pointed at the scraggly boy. Mathew looked up startled. All eyes turned to Mathew who threw his hands up in the air in surrender saying "Stuff it, I got nothing left anyway." He unclipped something hidden by his hair and dropped it onto the table.

Liam grinned taking a crude dagger from its sheath and stabbing it into the grain of the table. Tuliou ripped a string necklace from his neck and placed the pendant beside the weapon.

 "So what do you say Crow?" Liam asked. Crow eyed him with a calculating look, his right eye slightly askew.

He pursed his lips and folded his arms "If I say yes, I'll gather as many pirates, urchins, peasants as I can, but tha's it." With that he smacked the back of his head and his right eye popped out into his hand with a sickening 'thop'. Mathew looked away as Corven blinked his empty eye socket for all to see. He rolled it into the pile.

"Now what?" He asked gruffly. A smirk appeared on Liam's face and he clicked his fingers. A burst of blue light shot from his fingertips and wrapped around each of the objects. Once everything was shrouded in an unearthly blue glow Liam made a movement with his hand and the light seeped into the objects before leaving everything as it had been. "Now we get down to the real business." 

 From the recesses of his cloak he drew a piece of paper. "This is why we need your ship Crow." Corven took the outstretched piece of paper and unfolded it. His remaining eye widened. "What is it?" Mathew asked uneasily. Corven didn't utter a word, but handed him the paper. It had the desired effect and Mathew gasped. The man spoke again "Like I said, your kind hate his lot." On the paper was an inked picture of a girl with a feral grin and mad eyes.

"Are you suggesting what I think you are?" Mathew said nervously. Liam bared his teeth in a challenging grin. Corven rubbed his hands together, "Well we better start rattlin' our noggins for a plan then."


The End

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