Demon Slayer~ Part TwoMature

I made up my mind. I wasn't going to school today. Not with... this.
I feel like my skin has been turned inside out, then someone got out the pepper spray, and let me tell you, it ain't pretty. I'd only had one other demon bite in this 'career'. I must admit, it was worse. My neck. Thats write, right over my windpipe. I pretty much died. Well, I did. Ha. Thats how I became a demon slayer. I died, and didn't want to. Thing is, I'm not enjoying life like I used to.
I used to be fit, sporty, long brunette hair, blue eyes, up for anything. I had friends, people who respected me. Now I'm different, and nobody knows that it's me, Cassandra. But now I'm pale, thin, hungered, Kash.
Enough about that, I'm sick enough as is. I woke up early this morning, rised my arm, bandaged it up (its already bleeding through), and sat in the bare, gray kitchen with my eyes set ahead. Cloudy skies, thick, bulbous. Rain was coming. Demons hated rain. As much pain as I was in, I had to get out there while the bugger was weakened.
I stand, pull my sleeves down, and head for the door. I freeze. Oh gawd. That was the moment I saw him, sitting in the lounge, a packet of crisps in his lap. I stride in, ball my fists and start screaming.
"I thought I told you to get lost!" My rampage has begun -.-'
Victor looks up at me and rolls his eyes. "I lost myself, and you know it, Kash, I always find my way back."
Victor was my brother. In a sense. Let me lay it down for you, when I was Cassandra, he wasn't my brother.
"Get out of my freakiing house before I kill you." Victor was the demon that bit me. I couldn't actually kill him, but sometimes I felt like I could grab his neck with my bony fingers and just shake him.
He took another chip and popped it in his mouth. "My house too, little sister."
I could seriously punch his jaw off right now. But I gave in, my walls to inferior devices collapsed. I plonk myself beside him and settle for a chip.
"I failed last night," I mention, pulling up my bandage to show the swollen bruise-coloured parasitic infestation crawling through my skin.
He nodded, golden eyes twinkling. "Suck?"
"No!" People bitten by demons are called siblings to the demon, thats why he's called my 'brother'. But I knew he had a thing for me, and to let him taste my blood was like inviting him to smother me.
"No." I repeat.
Victor shrugs and swipes another chip. "You'll sway." He winked, and I curled my lip in discust.

The End

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