Demon Slayer~ Part OneMature

My head hurts, the floor's spinning, the sky wont stay still. Oh thats right, thats just me. I totally forgot I had a fear of my own blood, and concidering its gushing out of my arm like a fountain I really need something more than a bandaid.
I hear glass shatter and the dark shape, stained by the scarlet fluid of mine, slipped out. Crap. This could be bad.
I stagger towards the bathroom, forgetting the demon for a moment, and dropped my now blue arm in the sink. I dared to look at the torn proud flesh. Damn it, why was I so stupid? I threw up over my arm, and squeezed my eyes shut as I turned on the tap.
White water sprayed over the wound, and I screamed as blood went flying over the bench. I turn off the supply of water, then walk backwards and watch the blurry pink remains of blood and droplets dribble onto the floor.
What was left on my arm was a purple, throbbing lump. Demon bites, I really had to get used to them.

The End

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