Bethany stares out the window. I wonder if I should approach her or not. Sometimes she bites if she is startled.

  It is funny the way little Beth has not changed. She acts as if the Demon inside of her is just an imaginary friend. She has even given him a name: Beckren.

  "Autumn!" Dad yells from upstairs, "put Beth to bed please." This is my least favorite thing to do. I slowly walk towards her and tap her shoulder. She whirls around hissing venomously, but then relaxes when she sees it's only me. I lead her up the staircase and to her bed. "Time to sleep Bethie." I say nervously. She shakes her head. "No Autumn. I want to stay up and play!" she says in a low growl. "Please Beth. Just get in bed!" I say shaking. I take her hand. She struggles and bites at my neck. "No, no, no!" she screams clawing at my face, but I push her on to the bed and strap her in.

  It's heartbreaking to see your darling baby sister chained to her own bed. Better chained than not though. We learned our lesson last time when dad "accidentally" fell down three flights of stairs.

The End

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