Taken Me a Body

Children started going missing including Autumn's sister. Now, instead of child-proofing the house, Autumn and her father have to Demon-proof their home!

A smile creeped up her lips. I shivered.  I didn't know what kind of sorcery this could be. Bethany had not always been like this. She used to have a beautiful smile. Now her blackened eyes glittered and her mouth twisted into a crooked smile. It is strange what happens to people after a Breaking.

  A few years ago a demon found its way out of Hell and into Cape Cod. Nobody wanted to believe it was there, but we could all feel it. The air was thicker and darker, the tide was sharp and threatening, and little children started to go missing...Unfortunately, mine came back.

  When Bethany went missing, Father panicked. He sent everyone he could to go looking for her. Sometimes I think life would be better if we had not found her.

  I remember that I ran up and down the beach looking for her. When I found her she was in a bonfire. Not next to a bonfire, in one. She was dancing on top of the pile of wood, the fire had already singed her feet. Her eyes glittered black in the fire light. She was screaming words that did not even make sense. "I am done!" she screamed, "I am free! I've found me a stupid body and I've taken it!"

  I remember pulling her out of the flames, dousing her in the ocean and then dragging her home to Father.


The End

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