Demon of My Twilight

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe.
The idea of a demon like creature that lurks in the shadows of day and night waiting for our weakest moments to plant terror and sadness in our minds.

I awake in my bed laying still and quiet, staring into the solitude of the night. Pondering the morbid distorted thoughts of my mind. Loneliness mixed with ideas of self abuse forming a paste smeared over my sense of being. As I'm racing through the halls and corridors within my skull, I suddenly glance at movement, like a ghostly entity in the shadows at the far side of the room. Concealed under cover of night is the monster I dread, a prankster in black, all black of no concrete form, a demon who inhabits twilight devouring life. Lurking from shadow to shadow, planting madness and sorrow in the chambers of my psyche. I dare not shut my eyes for I am alone, face this fear and when blind it will crawl up to me and seeping into my conscious. I twitch then panic as if spiders or other such beasts were scratching my flesh, tossing and turning trying to rid me of these phantoms in my bed I forget all about the creature in the shadows and before I knew what was, it had lapped across my room, my cell, my prison. Laughing snarling as it dances, sucking out all warmth in the still air, planting it's seeds of despair. Trapped between madness and terror, as the morning drew nearer I eventually gave into my weakening mind and the demon who stalks me. Unable to resist it's black limbs wrapped about my torso, dragging me from holding cell to holding cell of nightmares and worse. Constrained as if a mad man in a straight jacket withing a mental padded cell, frustrated and tired until blanking out.
I wake to the morning drenched in sweat and horror of the events now behind and to come.  The darkness has passed but the laughing still reminds, waiting in the shadows till dusk.

The End

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