Demon infested Soul chapter 3Mature

Chapter 3

I smirked as I walked toward Wynter. "Please let me go! please! I'll do anything, I won't tell anybody. Just please let me go!" she screamed. I held a bottle of super glue behind my back. I laughed, opened her mouth forcefully and squirted a large amount of super glue on her lips. I shut her mouth and squeezed it shut. 

"Now you'll shut up," I smirked. "Hm, " I checked my watch. "Time for me to go, bye bye!" I waved and went over to Brittney's body. I picked her up, along with a shovel, and carried her lifeless body outside. I dug a grave in the backyard and set her inside, I then covered up the grave and stomped it flat. It now looked like the rest of the grassless yard. I threw the shovel in the basement and locked it.


I walked into the house and slammed the door shut. Misty looked at me. I flipped her off and walked upstairs. I slammed my door shut and laid on the bed.


I hated Misty, I never wanted a sibling because I knew that as soon as she was born that they would love her more than me and they would pay more attention to her than me. After she was born, my dad started abusing me and started playing with Misty. I was ignored and sometimes my father didn't allow me to eat. My mother was still so nice to me. 

My dad was the first person I killed. I killed him when I was 10, I tortured him, I made him starve, I cut him open and killed him. I buried him in the backyard. 

After that, I killed the kids who made fun of me or teased me. I didn't go overboard with it or anything. I made sure to space it out and plan it carefully so I wasn't suspected or caught. After this, I'm going to kill Misty so it will just be me and my mom. Forever and Ever.

The End

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