Demon infested Soul chapter 2Mature

Chapter 2

I walked into the door. I grabbed a piece of pizza from the fridge and went up to my room. My room was bright red with heavy metal band posters all over it. I took off my shirt and threw it on my dresser. I took a bite of the pizza. Cold. I laid back in bed and put on my headphones. I turned up Asking Alexandria's Dear Insanity. The music blasted my ear drums. 

The song ended. POP! I turned around to see a rock being thrown at my window. POP! I opened the window. "FUCK OFF!" I screamed. 

"It's me! Wynter!!" Wynter hopped up and down, her hair bounced. 

Oh god. "Er, what do you want?" I growled. 

She giggled. "I love youuuu."

I slammed the window shut and went to bed. 


I woke up the next morning. My mom opened the door. "Wynter is here for you, she said she has some news," She said. I groaned as I got up and went downstairs.

Wynter was wearing a black dress. Plain and simple. She bounced. "I'm PREGNANT!" she jumped into my arms. 

My heart stopped. "no," 

"Yes!" she yelled. She seemed to be happy, but I wasn't. 

"I thought I used a condom!" I yelled. 

"There must've been a hole in it," She beamed. "Whatever, I'm finally going to have someone who loves me," She held my hand. 

I growled. "I'll see you later, I need to get dressed. I'll see you at your house, s-sweetie," I shuddered. She kissed me and left. 

I got dressed and ran downstairs. I walked quickly behind Wynter, keeping a safe distance away from her. Once I got her where she was close to the abandoned house, I pulled her back without her seeing me. I hit her over the head with mine so she was knocked out. I pulled her into the house and into my torture room. I looked at Brittney who looked like she was starving. She was about to die. Perfect. I taped Wynter up so she couldn't get away. I walked over to Brittney, she barely panicked when I got close. She squirmed a little. I smirked. Brittney looked at me, her blue eyes were red and sad looking. I took a knife. Brittney just looked at it casually. She looked into my eyes. Even though I was cruel, I wanted to give her a last kiss. I leaned in and kissed her softly. I raised the knife and stabbed her through the chest. Her body rose a bit. She laid back down softly and breathed her last breath. I took her body and laid it by Wynter. I took off all the tape off her. Her naked body leaned on Wynter's. 


Wynter woke up a couple hours later. She squirmed and cried out in pain. I had cut her wrists a little. I smirked. I emerged from the shadows, her eyes narrowed. 
"Wh-why?" she asked sadly. "I loved you, we were going to be a family." 

"I don't like you, Wynter. I hate you, I wish I had never even fucked you. If I knew this was going to happen, I wouldn't have had any contact with you. I hate you soo much! I hate our baby!" She started crying. I smirked. 

The End

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