Demon infested Soul chapter 1Mature

~Chapter 1~

I took a long drag on my cigarette, the smoke came out in rings. I put out the cigarette and looked in the mirror. I added an extra layer of eyeliner around my eyes. I put on black lipstick and put in my piercings in my lips and ears. I put on an Asking Alexandria T-shirt, black skinny jeans and a pair of black converse."Hurry up, Soul or you're gonna be late," my mom yelled from downstairs.  I ran downstairs and grabbed my backpack.

"You sure do wear a lot of make-up for a boy," my sister Misty said. 

"Shut the fuck up," I flipped her off.

"Hey, hey, hey! You leave him alone," my mom said pointing to Misty. "And you," She pointed to me. "You watch your language."

I rolled my eyes and walked out the door, and got on the bus. I sat in the back alone.


I fiddled with the combination on my locker. "Hey Soul," I turned around to see my friends Dawn, Ash, and Wynter standing by me. 

"Hey," I grumbled as I finally opened my locker. I turned toward my friends. Ash had the same Mohawk I did except it was blue and mine was black, he had tattoos all over his shoulders and neck, and he had piercings in his lips and nose. Dawn had short red hair with black tips, she had neon green Gages and red musical note snakebites. Wynter had EMO cut long bright red hair, she didn't have any piercings except the ones in her ears. I waved lazily. 

Ash had his arm wrapped around Dawn's waist. The first bell rang and they went outside. I looked at Wynter, "Sooo, do you want to go outside,too?" I asked. 

Wynter shrugged, "Nah, lets go to our hideout." We walked out the door and out the school entrance gates.


Our hideout was an abandoned house on a hill right outside the school campus. We went inside, the inside was kind of furnished, the furniture was still in good condition. We had a generator and a little refrigerator full of all kinds of alcohol and sodas in it. 

I pulled out a pack of cigarettes from under the couch. I popped 2 out for me and Wynter, I lit them up and we started smoking. I looked at her, her cleavage was showing. "So Wynter, you ever got laid before?" I asked casually.

She looked shocked, "um, fuck yeah I have," she was clearly lying. 

I took a long drag on my cigarette, "You want to fuck," I asked. 

She looked a big uncomfortable, "S-sure," She blushed really hard.

I took off my clothes right in front of her and went into the bedroom. She followed eagerly behind me. I laid down on the bed casually smoking my cigarette. She took off her clothes slowly, its not like I cared though. I was just fucking her because I hadn't had sex in a while. She climbed into bed with me and started rubbing my dick. I put out the cigarette and got out a condom.


I rolled off her and started smoking another cigarette. She cuddled me. Disgusted, I pushed her off, "Sorry, kid. I don't roll that way." 

"Oh, okay," She got up and put on her clothes. "Well, we should get back to school, its almost time to go," She smiled at me. Its not like I cared. 

"Eh, I'll stay behind," I said. She tried to kiss me and I pushed her away again. She frowned and walked out of the house. 

I got up and put on my clothes. I went downstairs and unlocked the lock on the basement door. Hearing the muffled screams inside. I walked inside, there laying on the table was a naked, tapped down Brittney Green, Head Cheerleader. I grinned. "Did ya' miss me?" 

I walked over to her, her legs were spread and white liquid dripping out of her. Her stomach was swollen. Her hair was messy and her body had cuts and bruises. I grabbed a scalpel and cut her arm deep making her scream into the tape around her mouth. I laughed. "No one can hear you, you little slut," I laughed at her. "Maybe next time you will learn not to fuck everybody in school, maybe next time you'll learn not to be such a bitch and put everybody down. Maybe you won't spread rumors or maybe you won't bully people, put mean awful things online where everybody can see. You know what? I haven't heard anything about you being missing," I got close to her face. "No one cares about you," I smiled evilly and left. I locked the door behind me and went home. 

The End

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