Thirty EightMature

"Why did he give us three days?" asked Chelsea.

"So you would try and calm Azrael down about Michael. Gabriel's terrifies of Azrael. With a cause like this, Azrael could and would slaughter a whole army single-handedly," Asmodeus said to her.

"But he seems so normal."

"On the inside, he's boiling over with fury. You can almost see his brain whirring. He's hatching a plan and we need to stop him before he does something he'll regret."

"You really care about him?"

"I care about you." Asmodeus looked at Chelsea for the first time.

"Really?" she asked.

"Of course."

Chelsea looked away from him, unsure of what to say.

"What are we going to do?" she asked him.

"About what? Azrael?"

"Well, yeah, but that wasn't what I was asking. What are we going to do about us?"

Asmodeus laced his fingers through hers. "Well, do you love him?" Asmodeus enquired.

"I don't know," Chelsea replied.

"Okay, do you love me?"

"I don't know."

"Neither of us can decide, it has to be entirely your decision. Only you know your own heart."

"Yes, but you both know my mind."

Asmodeus smiled. "How about I promise not to listen to your thoughts?"


"On my honour."

"And what honour would that be?" she asked, flirting with him.

"Damn, you got me. What about if I promise on my Tarot cards?"


Suddenly Chelsea felt alone in her mind. She hadn't even noticed the presence until it was gone. In the new silence in her mind, she thought about her choice, between Azrael and Asmodeus. They were both willing to give her up to the other and they both just wanted her to be happy.

Azrael made her feel warm and safe and fluttery, but he didn't tell her the things she needed and wanted to know. Whereas, Asmodeus gave her a feeling of excitement, danger even. He told her everything, even if she didn't ask, and his kiss was so wonderfully violent and intense. Just thinking about his lips on hers made her long for the touch. She sighed heavily.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Doesn't matter."

"Yes it does, what's up?"

She turned to him and whispered, "Kiss me."

He pulled her closer and brushed her hair back. He paused for a moment, which made Chelsea crave his kiss even more. She pulled him down to her impatiently. Her heart flipped with joy and passion as it finally got what it so longed for.

She grabbed his shirt and pulled him with her as she stepped backwards. When her back touched a large piece of rock, she stopped and knotted her fingers in his hair. She let go of his hair and traced the lines of his wings.

Thoughts raced through her head. Asmodeus must have seen them or simply sensed her feelings because it started to get a lot more lustful. His hands tightened on her hips as he pushed her against the piece of rock. He deepened the kiss and the heat magnified, which Chelsea hadn't even thought possible.

Chelsea suddenly realised what it was she was doing and quickly pushed Asmodeus away from her. He let himself be pushed, despite being a lot stronger than her.

"Chelsea?" he asked.

He moved to embrace her but she kept him at arms-length. "Why am I so selfish?" she murmured.


"Azrael's been sentenced to death, and here I am, kissing you behind his back. Is it not possible for me to think of somebody else's feelings for a change?"


The End

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