Thirty SevenMature

"Where's he going?" asked Chelsea.

"No idea," Maria replied.

Chelsea stood up and followed Asmodeus out of the house, taking care not to be seen by him. She followed him through the streets which were lined with people that had silver wings settled against their backs. They stared at her as she passed, muttering things like 'human' and 'pregnant'. She did her best to ignore their whispers, trying to focus on keeping track of Asmodeus instead.

The streets he strode down started to become more desolate and empty. Chelsea noticed he wasn't just wandering, he knew where he was going. Finally he came across his destination and stopped. All that surrounded it was forests.

Asmodeus sighed and walked closer. Before him was a large pile of rubble, double his height at least.

"You can come out now, Chelsea," he called to her.

She stepped closer to him. "You knew I was following you?"

"Of course; yours is the only mental voice I can hear in this place."

She stood next to him but he didn't look at her.

"What is this?" she whispered, not wanting to disturb the silence.

"My home. What's left of it anyway."

"Why is it rubble?"

"It was destroyed."

"Why?" she asked.

"After I killed that girl, my trials began almost immediately and I was sentenced the next day. Eternal banishment. Even a King must receive punishment when the time comes, so I did."


"I forget you don't know the histories. In the beginning there were seven Archangels to rule those below them. And of those seven, one was chosen to be the ultimate ruler of all besides God: the High King was chosen; me. Gabriel appointed himself High King when I was banished. I was the Original, I was the First, and I broke my own laws as well as the laws of the One I served."


"Indeed. Humans say that God is kind, merciful and forgiving. He was nothing of the sort. A good leader, yes, but never kind. As for merciful, the mercy he did have didn't stretch very well. And what can I say about forgiving... People were let off, but never forgiven. It was not the Angels He created, it was the Demons that had had enough of His crap.

"Now their society rests on the tip of a knife, threatening to fall at any moment. It's complete dystopia. They are ruled by a dictator and bound by outdated laws. And for what? The opportunity to call themselves good and kind-hearted. They're no better than we are, and Gabriel... He's something even worse."

He didn't look at Chelsea at all throughout his speech. His voice was filled with venom and spite. Chelsea was surprised by his malice.

"There aren't many here that know my name, let alone my past. They don't even know they're own history. And that saddens me so much. They only know the shit that Gabriel spouts." His voice was calm again. "Digging into the past was forbidden by Gabriel. He slaughtered all those who knew the truth, even his own brothers. I helped Paimon escape, only for him to be killed by Azrael during the War of Relbuvn.

"Like many of our wars, there was no cause. No one wanted to fight, yet no one wanted to disobey Gabriel. Everybody knows the consequences. Relbuvn was Gabriel's way of killing off his two remaining brothers, and Azrael was his key. Unlucky for Gabriel, the last one got away."

"You mean..."

"Yes, I'm Gabriel's brother."

The End

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