Thirty FiveMature

"It's all lies. Kill him," Gabriel ordered.

Most of the winged guards were hesitant in attacking Asmodeus but a few moved towards him. They were all on the floor before they'd put one foot in front of the other, and Asmodeus hadn't even moved.

"They aren't dead, so don't worry. Why don't you just carry on with Azrael's trial?"

"How do you know this is a trial and not an execution?"

"Because, a) there are no executioners and b) I wrote the laws. He must be tried at least twice before the official sentencing is carried out. I also wrote that a man to be executed is allowed to choose is means of death. And that any individual has the chance to appeal against the sentence. In this case, the individual is this young lady here."

For the first time, Gabriel looked at Chelsea. His bright green eyes seemed to bore right through her. Raphael spoke for the first time.

"He's right." Gabriel glared at him. "She must be allowed to appeal."

Gabriel's glare intensified, but it didn't seem to faze Raphael. A smug smile appeared on Asmodeus's face. All eyes turned to Chelsea - except Azrael's; he looked as if he was going to fall to the floor.

"Very well," growled Gabriel. "Tomorrow she can appeal. Meanwhile, bring him here."

Rex shoved Azrael further into the room, closer to the semi-circle of throne - five of the seven were empty. Azrael fell to his knees and didn't look up simply because he didn't have the strength.

Gabriel sat back down. His throne was in the middle of the semi-circle and it was much more decorated than the others.

"Azrael, how do you explain your actions?" asked Gabriel.

Azrael didn't answer so Gabriel nodded to someone. There was a loud crack and small blades attached to leather strips flew across Azrael's back, making Chelsea wince. His tattoos were hardly visible underneath the maze of slashes and blood. Azrael didn't react to the whip, so the blades sliced through his flesh again.

"How do you explain your actions?" Gabriel repeated. Again, Azrael didn't respond so Gabriel looked at the one sending the whip across Azrael's back.

"No!" shouted Chelsea, rushing to Azrael's side in an effort to stop them. "He's bleeding to death while you're trying to question him! Let us make him well again. Please," she begged.

Gabriel looked irritated for a split second. "Take him home. You four go with him and don't cause trouble. You have three days, girl."

"Thank you," Chelsea said.

"Leave." He turned to Raphael and started whispering.

A few guards escorted them from the hall an out of the large building which somewhat resembled a palace. The guards stopped outside the vast doors and watched as the five of them walked away. Azrael somehow kept pace with them as they neared a large mansion.

There was a surrounding wall and a wooden gate. As they drew closer, the gate swung open, like the front door as they approached it. Azrael, Chelsea, Asmodeus, Maria and Dragon entered the large house. The door shut behind them. Azrael dropped heavily onto a white sofa, not caring about the blood staining the fabric.

Chelsea looked around the room. It was large - like everything else in this foreign place - and well decorated. It all seemed very expensive. There was a large TV hanging on the wall and doors leading to other places. A wide staircase was in one corner and a fire roared in the hearth.

The End

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