Twenty EightMature

Chelsea was sat on a bench in town. She was sat in front of the pharmacy, debating whether to go in or not. Asmodeus knew she was pregnant, the bump was obvious and she could feel them kicking and moving, but she needed to make sure before she told anybody.

She tried her best to hide the bump with her arms. Even her baggy clothes were getting too small.

She felt a little nudge, followed by two others, as if they were encouraging her to go in and buy the test. Chelsea knew they were there, she just needed to guarantee she wasn’t going insane and hallucinating. They nudged again.

Chelsea stood up and walked into the pharmacy. She picked up the box and placed it on the counter to buy. She gave the woman the money and slipped the box into her pocket.

When she got home, the house was still empty. She opened the door and walked up the stairs. Her hand wavered over the bathroom door handle. She took a deep breath and pushed it open. She sat on the cold floor as she opened the rectangular box.


Chelsea heard the front door open and close. She carefully got up off the bed she’d been lying on for hours, suddenly aware of how much the babies moved when she did.

Footsteps came slowly up the stairs. Whoever it was dropped their keys on the floor. Chelsea looked around the door. It was Aaron, her older brother. She opened the door fully.

“Aaron, can I talk to you for a minute?” she asked.

“Sure, what’s up?”

“You have to promise to keep this between us, just until I figure out what to do.”

“You’re starting to worry me now.”

“I don’t know how to say it so I’m just going to get straight to the point.” The look of worry on Aaron’s face increased. “I’m about thirteen weeks pregnant.”

“Oh my God,” was all he could manage.

“You’re going to be an uncle.”

“Are you sure?” She nodded. “Maybe you didn’t do the test right.”

“I did. It was positive. I knew anyway. I could feel them kicking.”

“‘Them’?” he quoted.

“I’m having triplets.”

“How do you know?”

“There are three different pairs of legs.”

“Maybe they’re hands.”

“I can tell the difference between hands and feet.”

Aaron licked his lips nervously. “It’s that Nathan isn’t it? I could kill him.”

“No you couldn’t.”

“I could take him; he’s four years younger than me.”

Chelsea smiled to herself. If only you knew... she thought.

“This has to stay between us for now, Aaron, okay? Just until I can figure everything out.”

“Where’s Nathan now?”

“He’s talking to his brother. Michael will help.”

“I’ve only ever met Nathan twice. Now I find out he’s knocked up my baby sister.”

He makes it sound so wrong; Azrael would never touch me like that anyway. No matter how much I want him to.

The babies kicked again, making Chelsea gasp and clutch her stomach.

“They must really be getting on each other’s nerves,” she said.

“Don’t joke about it, Chelsea! When are you going to tell Mum?”


The End

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