Twenty FourMature

“A vampire? They exist?” Chelsea asked.

“Of course they do,” said Asmodeus. “Though they aren’t the gorgeous, seductive beings that humans imagine.”

“What are they then?” she asked.

“They’re monstrous beasts. The species started with three young women, created by Satan to be his lovers. It didn’t work too well. During the day, they were beautiful girls but at night... At night they became twisted, blood-thirsty beings.

“Satan recognised that his genius idea had failed and so he released them into the world. This was all long before God created the physical universe and even longer before He created mankind. This was all while I was still an Angel. The vampires slaughtered anyone unlucky enough to cross their path, Angels and Demons alike. I was sent to clean up the mess and deal with them.

“I contracted their virus – if it can be called that. When Eden was created, and Adam and Eve walked the grass, there were those of us who were sent to corrupt them. The Bible says a serpent told Eve to eat the fruit. It wasn’t just one, there were four of us. Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan and myself. Pride, greed, envy and lust. Almost a perfect description of the human condition.

“Belphegore always said it should have been him to go, that I wasn’t welcome. Hardly anybody’s seen him in years, the lazy bastard. But back to the point, when we were sent to corrupt the very first humans, I passed on the vampiric virus. It was passed down, generation to generation. Some were infected, some weren’t. Some had the virus but it didn’t affect them very much. Cain, for example, had the virus. It drove him to kill his own brother.”

“Wow,” was all Chelsea could manage to say.


“So your niece cheated on her husband with a vampire.”

“The beast couldn’t control himself. He killed her. So I killed him. I sat with her as she drew her last breaths. Leviathan found me with her and blamed me. The blood was on my hands after all. She was so young. I thought that she loved Leviathan. If she’d told me she didn’t, I could have helped her. But she’s dead now. And all because she wasn’t content with the husband she had.”

Chelsea could see him blinking back tears. She didn’t know what to do.

“Right,” said Asmodeus, “I need to go and meet Lucifer and Selene.”

“Can I go with you?” she asked. “If I go home, I’ll get nagged at. And no matter where I go, I’ll be worried.”

“You can come,” he nodded. “It’s not safe to leave you alone right now. Maria will be here tonight. If a succubus can’t keep you safe, nothing can. I might call in Dragon as well. Kaleb, get Dragon. Tell him to come tonight. Incubi are complete arseholes but they know how to get a job done. Speaking of arseholes, we need to go meet up with one.”

Asmodeus held his hand out. Chelsea took it and when she did, the scenery changed. They were stood in a different room with no furniture.

The End

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