Twenty TwoMature

“Apologies, my Lord,” said Asmodeus, getting up. “There’s something I wish to ask you.”

“I hope this is important,” said the man.

“I very recently came to hear of a prophecy given to the Angels several thousand years ago.”

“What of it?”

“I was wondering if you knew who it was about.”

“I do,” he said.


“She’s over there.” He looked directly at Chelsea. A frozen feeling spread through her bones and muscles, but passed when his gaze returned to Asmodeus.

“OK, my Lord,” said Asmodeus quietly.

“You care for this girl,” said the man with a tone of absurdity.

“I do,” Asmodeus said simply.

“An interesting twist in a major plan.”

“Isn’t everything planned in advance?”

“Yes, but it doesn’t always go according to the arrangement. The world will shift itself accordingly.”

Asmodeus nodded.

“Is that all?” the man asked.

“Yes, my Lord. Thank you.”

The man smiled. “You need not call me Lord; we all know I’m far from that. I’ll see you when you return. Goodbye, Asmodeus.”

“Goodbye, Satan.”

The man vanished in a confusing blur of bats. The red pentagram faded into the concrete.

“Well that was interesting,” said Asmodeus.

“So it is me,” whispered Chelsea.


Asmodeus turned to her slowly. He dragged his eyes up from the floor to meet hers. Her brown eyes were full of sadness, worry and fear. Her knees began tremble and just before she fell, Asmodeus was there to catch her. She leant her head against his chest and started to cry. Asmodeus tried to ignore the nausea in the pit of his stomach as he sensed the tiny living thing inside of her. This time he noticed more than one, there were three.

“Tell me it’ll be alright,” she said, sobbing silently.

“It’ll be alright, it’ll be fine,” he said comfortingly.

“But it won’t.”

“Don't worry about it right now; it’ll be a while before the time even comes.”

“Nine months.”

“Maybe even more. Angels and Demons are distantly related to humans but have longer gestation periods so it might be more like that kind of pregnancy.”

“There are female Demons too?”

“Well, it’d hardly be fair to have female Angels but not female Demons, wouldn’t it? I could introduce you to one if you want.”

“I’m still getting used to you two, so not right now.”

“Understandable,” he said.

“Will Azrael be okay?”

“He’ll be alright, probably. I’m just wondering if there’s something he’s not telling us.”

“There is,” Azrael said, watching them from the other end of the room.

Asmodeus stepped away from Chelsea hurriedly and looked at Azrael.

“And what is it?” he asked.

“Skyla was in the area last night.”


“I heard her.”

“Do you want to search for her?” asked Asmodeus.

Azrael shook his head. “She’ll be alright. I heard what he said.”

“What are we going to do?” whispered Chelsea.

“I’m going to do something crazy. And it might not work but all I can do is try.”

Azrael picked up his sword. His face was illuminated by the faint blue glow.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“I’m going to talk to Michael. Gabriel won’t listen to me and I very much doubt Raphael will either,” he replied.

“Azrael, don’t be a fool,” said Asmodeus, stepping forward.

“I have to try.”

“It’s suicide!”

“Michael’s my comrade in arms and my brother. If I can’t trust him, who can I trust?”

“You can trust me,” said Asmodeus gently.

“We both know what happened last time I trusted you.” And he vanished into the air.

The End

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