Twenty OneMature

Azrael’s eyes settled on Chelsea. Asmodeus turned his head slowly. Chelsea looked scared and confused.

“W-what does that mean?” she stammered.

“It means you’re having triplets and if someone’s not there to guide them, they’re going to destroy the world,” said Azrael spitefully.

“It’s not necessarily her, though is it. Think about it, think of who else it could be,” whispered Asmodeus.

“How could it be her?”

“The Legion are after her, they have been for more than seventy years.”

“It’s a mortal who carries the children,” said Azrael.

“She was mortal once. She was carrying your child and who knows what humans she’s encountered. It could be her.”

“It could be who?” asked Chelsea.

“Skyla,” said Asmodeus.

Silence settled in the large room.

“There is a way to find out,” suggested Asmodeus.

No. Anything but that,” said Azrael, horrified.

“He’s the only one who’d know. The Princes are privy to such information, but only if we ask. Do you want to know or not?”

“Then try one of the other Princes,” begged Azrael.

“They never leave so how would they have heard this prophecy?”

“What’s going on?” asked Chelsea.

“Asmodeus wants to summon the Devil,” said Azrael.

“He’s the only one who’d know.”

“Okay then,” said Chelsea, standing up.

“What?” asked Azrael alarmed.

“Let’s do it then.”

“Chelsea, you don’t know what you’re agreeing to.”

“This is my decision.”

“Then remember that when the consequences come.”

Azrael turned away and walked outside. Chelsea started to hurry after him but Asmodeus put an arm out to stop her.

“Leave him alone for a bit. He just needs to calm down.” He lowered his arm and she nodded.

“What you need to do for this?”

“It’s a ritual only Demons can perform. For a human to do it would be suicide. Satanists in the past have done it and been killed. Humans tend to blame Satan for the deaths.”

“What’s he like?”

“He’s a decent guy. He took me in when I Fell. Though that was most likely because of the darkness he saw in my heart. But he’s always taken care of me, helped me when I needed it.”

“Then why do people consider him evil?”

“The teachings of the Satanic Church aren’t widely accepted in society.” He turned to her. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“I’d like to know if I’m going to have world-destroying triplets.”

“Alright then,” he said.

Asmodeus went and sat in the centre of the room. He closed his eyes and sat perfectly still. His skin crackled with red electricity. On the concrete floor underneath him, a pentagram glowed red as it carved itself slowly into the floor. At the tip of the star stood a tall man that seemed to be in his mid-twenties with black hair and piercing eyes that were blacked out completely. His face was scarred and his skin was covered with tattoos of ferocious animals.

“You’d better have a good reason for this, Asmodeus,” he said.

The End

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