“What?” she asked.

“You’re pregnant,” said Azrael.

“Isn’t it supposed to be me telling you I’m pregnant?”

“Don’t joke about it. I should have seen this coming.” He buried his head in his hands again.

“It’s not that bad–”

“Chelsea, you don’t understand!” he shouted. He composed himself before continuing. “Remember when we were on the phone yesterday? And I was telling you about the Nephilim?”


“Nephilim aren’t just fathered by Demons.” He looked at her meaningfully.

“Oh my God,” she said, realising what he meant. “How am I pregnant? I mean, we never...”

“Angels can impregnate women just by spending time with them. A very important fact I failed to remember. This is my fault. I was supposed to protect you.”

“What are we going to do?”

“We’re going to protect you. Come with me.”

He pushed himself up and took her hand as he walked towards her. He paused and then continued after making sure no one would remember Chelsea had ever been in the building.

“How did you know I was pregnant?” she asked him.

“Asmodeus told me, but he wouldn’t tell me how he knew. And now I know the full picture.” He looked at her knowing exactly what had happened between them.

“Azrael,” she said, “I...”

“You don’t need to explain. Only you can decide which of us you’d rather be with. If it’s him, I’ll step aside. But I’ll always be around to protect you, until you send me away.”

Chelsea didn’t say anything. They left the building and got onto the motorcycle. Chelsea still didn’t say anything. Azrael started the ignition, clicked his fingers and drove away. They pulled up outside Azrael’s house and he got off but stopped Chelsea from doing the same.

“Just wait here, I’ll be right back,” he said before rushing inside.

He ran up to his room and pulled open one of the drawers. Inside was paraphernalia of weapons: axes, maces, daggers, swords, bows and arrows. He grabbed the best of each and tapped certain engravings. When he touched the grooves, the weapon shrunk to a small glowing box. He picked up the small boxes – which were still as heavy as the actual weapon – and dropped them into his rucksack. He took Morslammae out of the wooden box and made it a small box too. He dropped it into the bag with the others.

He slung the extremely heavy bag over his shoulder and ran out the house. He dropped the bag into the box behind Chelsea and climbed onto the motorbike. Chelsea put her arms around his waist and they drove off.

Azrael followed the map in his head. It would lead them to the place Asmodeus had showed him. After a while, civilisation began to spread out until it was just fields and trees.

“Where are we going?” Chelsea shouted over the wind.

“I’m not a hundred percent sure but we’re almost there,” Azrael shouted back. Chelsea was confused but didn’t ask any more.

The End

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