“You only killed her, there was nothing else to it?”

Asmodeus smiled. There seemed to be a hint of sadness to the expression. “No. Back then, it was... illegal, I guess, for an Archangel to love anybody. She always flaunted herself, teasing me, inviting me. One night I received a letter from her, telling me to come to her house. So I did.

“She took me to her bed and lay me down. She started drawing lines with her finger on my stomach while we kissed. I thought... I was foolish. Turns out she was cursing me. I killed her, in her own bed, by accident.” He touched a spot on his stomach. “Her curse scarred me. They tore off my wings and I Fell. Hence my black hair.

“Satan found me and made me a Demon, laying platinum down where the gold had once been. I didn’t know what the platinum meant, but it means I’m a Prince. One of seven. Asmodeus, the Demon-Prince of Lust, Fallen Archangel of God. Azrael took my place. I guess that’s where the hate originally came from. But back to the original question: what do you think my wings are like?”

“Show me,” Chelsea said. She didn’t know why but she felt fine about Beth’s death now, she felt different about the Demon in front of her.

Asmodeus smiled cheekily. He clicked his fingers and all noise and movement stopped.

“What just happened?” asked Chelsea.

“I paused time,” he said casually.

He clicked his fingers again and everyone disappeared.

“Where are they?” she asked.

“Somewhere safe.”

He stood up and took his shirt off. Hanging from his neck was the amulet he’d had in his hand the day before, with the stars and one simple word. On his stomach was an intricate scar of entwining lines and complicated symbols. Chelsea touched the mark with the tips of her fingers. She looked up at him.

He pushed a strand of blonde hair behind her shoulder and went to kiss her. She didn’t stop him, she even met him halfway. The kiss was explosive and passionate. Azrael had never kissed her like that.

Asmodeus moved his hands down to her hips. She felt odd in his arms, different than a normal human. He slid a hand round to her bloated front. Something moved under his hand. He suddenly pushed her back and stared at her.

“What’s wrong?” Chelsea asked.

“Shush, just for a minute.”

He closed his eyes and searched for living souls. He found more than one right in front of him. He opened his eyes. He stepped back a few steps. He stood still for a moment, watching her. He grabbed his shirt and began to put it on.

“You’ll be the only one who remembers I was ever here. I’ll see you later.” He clicked his fingers and vanished.

Everyone reappeared in their places and continued as if nothing had even happened. Chelsea was just stood there, wondering what the hell was going on.

The End

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