Chelsea lay in her bed, sweating in her sleep. She’d woken up several times already and each time she went back to sleep, the same nightmare plagued her.

There was a girl, the same age as her if a little older, with brown hair and pale green eyes. The girl was lying down in a large bed.

“Skyla,” said a voice in the dream. Azrael walked into the room and crawled over the bed to the girl – his wife.

He took her in his arms and pulled her satin nightdress over her head. Across her back were the same scars as Azrael’s, except hers were in silver. The girl – Skyla – ran a finger down his face and pressed herself against him.

He kissed all along her jaw and pushed her down onto the bed. He planted his hands either side of her and bent to kiss her.

Chelsea didn’t remember the rest properly, although sometimes a brief, vague moment would be available to her but they’d be gone as quickly as they arrived.

She sat up and opened the drawer of her bedside table. She took out the golden feather and held it to her chest. The clock said it was half seven in the morning. Chelsea didn’t want to go back to sleep, she knew the nightmare was waiting for her. Instead she got up and went to start getting ready for school.

Chelsea grabbed her uniform and walked quietly to the bathroom. She washed and dressed quickly. As she was about to leave, she paused. She dropped her pyjamas and hurried to the toilet. She threw the lid up – not caring about the loud noise – to vomit. She breathed heavily for a while before getting up and flushing the toilet.

She picked up her nightclothes and opened the door. She went back to her room and packed her bag for the day. She walked down the stairs and out of the house.

The End

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