“What do you mean there’s nothing you can do? You can go and stop him!” Chelsea shouted down the phone.

“It’s too late. You might as well think of her as already dead,” he said.


He sighed. “A Demon’s... withdrawal is enough to kill. And if it doesn’t kill you, the Angels will.”

“Will you just explain?!”

“Intercourse with a Demon results in death or, even worse, pregnancy. A half-Demon, half-human... A Nephilim. One of the most dangerous beings possible.

“If such an incident occurs, Angels will tear the child from its mother’s womb, kill it and burn it just to be safe. They’ll then kill the mother because of her taint. Either way she’s dead. Just hope Asmodeus finishes her before my kind do.”

“How can you talk about it so easily?”

“Because it’s my job to kill Nephilim. Elizabeth will be killed by my hand if she survives this.”

“Can you at least try to save her?” begged Chelsea. “Please. For me.”

He sighed exasperatedly. “I’ll do my best. I need to see you just for a second first.”

The line cut off and Azrael was stood in front of her. She jumped at his sudden appearance.

“Picture Elizabeth’s house,” he commanded. She did so and then he was gone again.


The downstairs of the house was empty. Azrael ran up the stairs and heard a sudden clink of metal on metal. He walked quickly towards it. It was too late, he could feel death lingering in the house. It was a gift he didn’t particularly like.

He opened a door to see Asmodeus, dressed and about to leave. The Demon turned to look at Azrael. He smirked.

“I’ve saved you the trouble of dealing with my offspring,” said Asmodeus, still smirking, gesturing to the dead girl on the bed.

“Aren’t you kind? Why do you follow me everywhere I go?” asked the Angel.

“Because it’s fun. Killing those you’ve come to care about. Not only does it mean that I get a higher status, it also hurts you.”

“What have I done to you that’s so bad?”

You helped Raphael bind me, you told the Archangels that it was me killing Sarah’s husbands, you brought me shame, and you brought your legions against me. You killed my brother! The list goes on, Azrael! You call yourself an Angel... You’re no better than I am!” Asmodeus shouted spitefully.

“Don’t you dare say that. For a start, I don’t go seducing women! That list goes on as well.”

Asmodeus’s face screwed up in anger. He brought his hands together in front of him quickly and threw them out towards Azrael, spewing forth a swirling horde of bats, crows, ravens and magpies. Azrael spun round and crouched down, covering his head with his arms. Talons, beaks and teeth tore at his back and arms.

The End

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