Nathan had been acting odd all day, in Chelsea’s opinion. Elizabeth hadn’t noticed anything,as usual. Nathan had been on his guard ever since that morning. Arrow always had a smirk on his face whenever Chelsea looked.

Nathan hadn’t been able to sit still all day. Especially not in maths and biology. He’d been tapping the desk and fiddling with pens and bouncing his knee.

When the bell went, he rushed out of the classroom and followed Arrow out of the school. He didn’t bother to hide to sound of his footsteps; Arrow would have known he was coming anyway.

“Asmodeus,” said Nathan loudly. Arrow stopped and turned around.

“Ah, Azrael, my old friend,” he said.

“What do you want, Asmodeus?”

“Straight to the point? You certainly haven’t changed much.”

“From the look of it, you haven’t either. Leave Chelsea alone.”

“Azrael, I assure you, I had no idea to even touch your precious Chelsea until she came over to me. She’s quite intriguing, is she not? But to be honest, I had my eye on that friend of hers,” admitted Asmodeus.


“Hm, her. Lust seems toseepfrom her. But the question I’m begging to ask is, why Chelsea, Azrael? In fact, why anyone at all? Why are you here?”

“You know the feeling better than I do. Remember Sarah?” asked Azrael, knowing the reaction that would occur.

Asmodeus flinched. “Of course I do. Your friend made sure that stopped.”

“Raphael’s no friend of mine. Then again, neither are you. What do you want here?”

“Ever since Raphael bound me, I’ve stayed like this. I’ve had mortals chasing me around about why I’m not in school. When you’re a Prince of Hell it’s quite needless.”

“What do you want here, Asmodeus?” repeated Azrael.

“Only to satisfy my carnal desire,” he said casually.

“That will never happen.”

“Because you’re going to stop me?”

“Because you’re the demon of lust. It’ll never be gone, it’s who you are.”

“What’s this? Has little Azrael taken up psychology?”

“Don’t mock me, demon.”

“Oh, you flatter me. But I really must be off. Virgins to savage, husbands to murder,” said Asmodeus before vanishing into thin air.

Azrael didn’t move for a while. The corridor remained empty, except for him. Asmodeus was back, and it was up to him to protect everyone. It was a major job that couldn’t be done without backup. But the other Archangels didn’t need to know about Chelsea. He’d have to see how the situation progressed. He knew it was risky but it was to protect Chelsea.

“Nathan?” asked a small voice. “Nathan?”

It was Chelsea. She slowly walked up behind him. He still didn’t react. She placed a hand gently on his shoulder. His muscles were so tense but relaxed a little at her touch.

“Nathan, are you okay?” she asked timidly.

“Oh, yeah, I’m fine,” Nathan replied.

“Why didn’t you respond? Are you ignoring me?”

He spun round and softly held her wrists. “Ignoring you? What, no! I just...”


“You could say that,” he nodded.

Chelsea moved closer to him. He stroked her cheek tenderly. He sighed and turned away from her. She grabbed his hand but he walked away nevertheless. Something underneath his shirt seemed to gleam whenever the light hit it. Chelsea did nothing to stop him, as much as she wanted to. Azrael kept on walking, taking his secret identity with him.

The End

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