“Chels, are you listening to a thing I’m saying?” Elizabeth asked impatiently.

“Beth, we have a new boy in the class,” Chelsea said.

“Oh really? What's he like?” she asked, suddenly intrigued.

"Dark," Chelsea replied.

"'Dark'?" Beth scoffed.

"I know it sounds stupid but I mean it. He's like... just sitting on his own. Everybody's avoiding him. He's... different."

"He's cute, that's what he is. Tall, dark and handsome."

"How d'you know he's tall?" Chelsea asked.

Elizabeth shrugged. "Just seems it. Go talk to him."


"You obviously like him, so go talk to him."

"But what about Nathan?"

"Chels, go and talk to him for God's sake."

"Okay, I'm going, I'm going."

Chelsea slowly got up from her chair and nervously walked over to the new boy. She pulled up a chair and sat beside him.

"Um, hi," she said.

"Hi," he replied.

"I'm Chelsea."

He looked up at her with a piercing gaze. "Arrow."

Arrow had a small tattoo on his neck. It was elaborate and showed a bird - a raven or a crow - holding a bow and arrow.

"So which came first; the name or the tattoo?" Chelsea asked jokily, hiding her caution and nervousness.

"Not sure."

Chelsea laughed nervously. "I'll see you around."

"See you."

She put back the chair and quickly walked back to Beth, her cheeks flushed. Arrow's dark hair and intense blue eyes were scorched onto the inside of her eyelids. She sat back down with Elizabeth and carefully looked behind her. Arrow was staring at her with a burning desire. Chelsea quickly turned back to Beth and lowered her head.

"He's still staring at you," whispered Beth.

"Shut up."

"Oh, God, he's gorgeous."

"Beth, aren't you meant to be a Christian?"

"Yeah, so?"

"You've said blasphemy twice in the past five minutes."

“Oh well,” she shrugged.

Chelsea and Elizabeth were fairly similar in appearance, yet most boys orbited around Beth. They both had bright blonde hair but Chelsea’s was more white. Both of them had brown eyes, but Beth’s were darker. Their skin was quite tanned – the only thing about them that was exactly the same.

Arrow, on the other hand, had dark brown hair, almost black, and turquoise eyes. His skin was like snow and accentuated the dark rings around his bright eyes, the tattoo had marked his skin for as long as he could remember. The large raven was in the middle of drawing a bow. Its origin intrigued him as well as everyone else.

Arrow saw things in people that nobody else could. Elizabeth oozed something she didn’t feel comfortable talking to anyone about, she couldn’t even talk to Chelsea – her best friend – about it. She bled lust.

Chelsea was filled with nervousness. She was unsure of herself. She had a need for acceptance, as well as something else. She had a need for love.

Arrow saw Beth glance at him over Chelsea’s shoulder and he looked down again. In his hand was a silver necklace. It was more of an amulet than a necklace. It was weighed down by an octagon about the size of a child’s palm. On the amulet was a large star between two smaller ones. Underneath the stars was a word that was written in a language so old that no one could read it. Arrow didn't even know how he’d acquired it.

Chelsea risked a look over her shoulder once more. Arrow’s eyes lifted to meet hers. She found herself locked in his gaze, unable to move or even blink. A rabbit caught in headlights. Arrow smiled slightly, the expression looked misplaced on the boy’s cold, hard face. Chelsea smiled back weakly.

Suddenly Arrow’s eyes were drawn away by someone entering the room and Chelsea felt herself relax, she hadn’t even realised she was tensed. Arrow was glaring at whoever it was who had entered the room. He was a pupil, Nathan. His hair was ruffled and a light brown. His slate grey eyes bored into Arrow’s.

A mischievous, knowing smirk appeared on Arrow’s lips. Nathan looked as if he was about to explode. His fingers were curled into claws. Fury was obvious on his face. Arrow simply sat back and relaxed, this seemed to irritate Nathan even more.

Nathan noticed Chelsea watching them. He forced himself to calm down and went and sat with her and Elizabeth. Elizabeth hadn’t noticed any of what had happened; she had been too busy secretly checking her phone. Nathan put his arm round Chelsea’s shoulders.

“What was that about?” Chelsea asked.

“What was what about?” replied Nathan.

“You know what I’m talking about. You know him?”

“I used to. A long time ago.” He laughed quietly.

“What happened?”

“Nought important. A fight between young boys was all.”

“Okay,” said Chelsea warily.

Chelsea often noticed that Nathan spoke cryptically and in an odd way. When he was talking about his past, he seemed to speak as if he was Victorian England, instead of the 21stcentury. He even went into little trances sometimes, not hearing anybody at all. His parents looked too young to actually be his parents, another odd thing.

“You alright, Chels?” Nathan asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine, don’t worry.”

He kissed her cheek and carefully looked around at Arrow. Arrow had a smirk on his face that Nathan didn’t like at all. Arrow remembered well, just as Nathan did. Memories like fresh trails in the snow, as sharp as ever.

The End

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