Just a little collab between me and cursedshadow only, the italic bit on the first chapter is cursedshadow's parts of what has so far been written, the normal mine.

The snow fell gently upon the cracked cement, covering it in a pearl blanket and bringing a slither of beauty to the dirty urban streets. My toes were frozen and little specks of white were marking the black of my old worn trainers. I could feel the cold biting at my bare hands and nipping at my cheeks but couldn't bring myself to care as I stood, silent and still, in the street, the snow reflecting light upon my face and giving myself a ghostly glow. I stood gaping at the being in front of me, the translucent features seemingly angelic, yet the expression on its face painting a different picture entirely; the demon was one I'd faced before. It stared at me with no emotion, its eyes as dead as the ice gathering at the gutter by the pavement. I stared back just the same. I was the one who had called it here; I would not fear it.

"You dare summon me?!"

"Yes. You have enslaved the personal demons for far too long, Clathsalrah," I spoke forcefully, but with the calm conviction of my position.

He glared forcefully, the first emotion to be shown upon his face since the beginning of our meeting. It was no longer snowing gently as before, but battering me with hail as the demon energy turned the weather angry with an almighty storm. I had to end this quickly, before the presence of the Clathsalrah brought disaster down upon me and the surrounding innocents. This should end quickly; afterall, I did have the Bablahabesh.

I drew the Bablahabesh from its holder at my waist, holding it ahead of me before Clathsalrah could begin uttering incantations calling forth the power of the personal demons under his power. The storm turned into a whirlwind of ice around us, separating us from the surrounding world. Blue fire, dancing with lightning called forth from the Bablahabesh ignited around me, flitting overmy skin and hair, rising up to meet the dark red fire that had simultaneously come to life around Clathsalrah in a tremendous struggle for the last time. This was the end.



I suppose it all started on a Thursday. It was a pretty normal start to the morning, no school with the strikes still going on. I was just spending the day doodling. It is not a well-known fact, but doodling is an incredibly dangerous past time. Well, at least for me it seems, seeing as that's how it all began. Let me tell you something when you're doodling some imaginary, half thought-out creature you Never want it to come to life. It's all very messy.

Rather than my usual angels, fairies and butterflies, I, for some reason I still cannot fathom, decided to draw dragons and, worst of all, demons. What the Hell possessed me to do that?! Well, Hell literally I suppose. It is true that Hell is a very messy place and dangerously disorganised, though I didn't see this first-hand until much later, say two weeks on Friday, however the accompanying squelch that signalled the arrival of my new "real life" unwanted companions gave me my first clue. The squelch was the result of the slime balls of eggs that the demon had evidently trodden in before arriving in my living room; they exploded under the weight of the demon, popping all over the walls and couch. Mum would not be happy. She was going to kill me! Though with the mucus dripping dragon slowly hauling its large body out of my notebook, she might be a little too late.

As soon as the shock of it all had worn off, for both the creatures standing in my living room and me, I ran, getting out of there as soon as possible. Mum was the least of my worries.

If I was thinking straight I would have realised that the.... things didn't look particularly murderous, just bedraggled, but seeing as I wasn't in my right mind, and seriously, who would be after that, I was not ashamed of screaming like a wuss and hightailing it upstairs. What can I say, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I shut myself into the bathroom, locking the door behind me, breathing deeply. All I could hear from downstairs was "Where the Hell is this?!"

"Certainly not Hell, that's for sure."

The fact that the first of the voices sounded Irish and the second cockney did not help my brain at all as it tried to recover from what could only be the nuclear bomb of surprises. Why was I thinking of a cockney dragon to begin with?! I had no idea, and my brain was still too far from seeing sense to try to come up with one, as I pinched myself over and over again. I was convinced it was a dream; until I heard solid footsteps coming up the stairs and along the landing towards the bathroom I was locked in.

The End

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