Something Amazing

My father and my mother had gotten into a fight and my dad is staying with Seth’s family for a couple months while my mom can put her life together again. I bet she knows that once he comes back that everything will be how it was. But since he is gone I’m glad that we have quiet around the house and the both of us are sober. I have been sober since he moved out which was three weeks ago. Every other day the sun comes out and I can tell spring is right around the corner. I mean it is now March and the sun should come up but I know that there won’t be much of it. Washington only had about fifty sunny days or so. The band hasn’t spoken to one another in a while and I started to get worried about our future. I mean the music views are great, we have two hundred more plays than we did the last time Alice said something about it. I think we should just put everything that has happened to us behind us, act like it never happened. I think I was going to call Seth today and we should round up the band and play down by the park. I mean we could play at the end of the year in the gymnasium or something. I picked up the phone and dialed Seth’s number. “Hello?” Luckily he answered. “Seth, it’s Sam. We should get the band together and play somewhere public; it will give us a good chance to show everyone our music. Are you up for it?” I tried to sound enthusiastic. “Why do you act like everything is okay? You should hate me…but whatever. I’ll call Michael and Derek and we’ll meet you down at the park, you know where they have that stage and everything. They usually have performances from actual bands but this is good enough.” He hung up. I gathered all the instruments in my mother’s car and asked her for a ride. It was a pretty decent day; it was cloudy and warmer than it should be in March. I mean for Washington it was really warm…something that usually doesn’t happen. My mom helped me unload her vehicle and Seth, Michael, and Derek helped me take the instruments and amps down at the stage. Once we set everything up we started to play the song I wrote about my grandmother’s life. Some people stood in front of the stage and then more and more people came to see us. This was the feeling I have been experiencing in my dreams and now it is coming true. I played bass as good as the practice and we almost sounded professional, everyone started cheering and trying to find out the words to the song so they could sing along. Then there was one face that I knew, that I loved. There was Alice, right in front of the stage, she could reach out and touch Michael if she wanted to. She was singing along with every song we played and she looked at everyone with such significance that I would have never thought that she was a bad person. I thought she really cared equally for all of us and I knew she wasn’t apart of the band anymore but I still loved her, after all that she’s done to me. I know she doesn’t love me but no matter what I will always love Alice. We finished our last song and the crowd applauded and screamed. My mother watched us play and she took us all home. The whole band ended up staying the night and we all were sober that night. We just went downstairs and watched TV and talked about nonsense. We also talked about the band, which was definitely not nonsense. Usually Seth tried to talk about Alice but someone always changed the subject. “How great was it to play in front of all those people?” Derek had a big smile on his face. “That’s how it will always be if we ever become famous. If we ever get to play real shows.” Michael sighed. I grabbed my guitar and sat in the recliner with my legs hanging over the edge. I started played another song, acoustic. I really didn’t feel like plugging it in and hearing big noise, after last night we needed a few days off or our ears would probably just explode. Michael, Derek, and Seth just started talking about something else while I spaced out and continued playing whatever came to my mind. I was basically in my own world until my mother came down and took my guitar right out of my hands. “Someone is here to see you.” She put the Strat leaning against the couch and the rest of the band followed me upstairs. There was a man sitting at the table with a suit and briefcase. What had we done now? Were we in trouble for playing without consent? My mother went outside to leave him to speak with us. My heart pounded inside my chest and I looked at everyone else. They were all looking at me and then back at the man who looked straight at me. I cleared my throat, “What would you like to speak with us about?” I asked and put my hands on the table. He put his briefcase on the table and began speaking. “Well I heard that you and your band played at the park last night.” The briefcase squeaked when he opened it and he had a little stack of paper and five pens. I nodded and looked at everyone again, then at the man. “I am Brad, by the way. And I am willing to be your manager and sign you up for a record deal.” He held his hand out and I shook his with as much strength as I could. How is this happening and why is this happening? I didn’t have to look at my band to tell they were smiling. He set the four papers and pens in front of us and then frowned when there was not a fifth person. “Oh, Alice isn’t really in the band. We told her she was the manager or she could be the other guitarist before but I don’t think she’s in the band anymore.” I explained. And as I started to read through the paper again Alice walked in and took a seat. He smiled and set the paper in front of her. “I want to make sure you read through it thoroughly before you sign it, many young people do and regret it later because they didn’t read it.” Brad warned. And we did, we all read through it and made sure this is what we wanted. Everyone signed…but me. I leaned back and sighed. “I’m not exactly sure about this guys. We don’t have a band name yet…and we still have to edit the music because there was no bass before when we put the music up on the Internet. Or guitar…I don’t know but this sounds…not right yet.” Everyone looked at me mystified and mouths hung open. “I have to have everyone’s signature for this to be final. Call me when you’re ready.” Brad smiled at us and slid me his card. The paper and pens still lay in front of us. “How could you do this to us, to everyone in the band?” Alice shredded her contract up and threw it away. “It’s not right, we haven’t edited the music yet or come up with a band name yet.” I began to raise my voice. At this point I didn’t care what I said to her, it wasn’t my fault that our band wasn’t ready. “Well you and everyone else really wanted this. And they could have edited it for us.” Derek interrupted her.

The End

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