Well since that day Alice and I have been together. Seth is happy for us so we know he doesn’t like her and he doesn’t show any signs of ever liking her. I’m glad because I guess in some way I have always liked her since the first day I saw her. I’ve always been trying to protect her and I always loved her. Even before I knew her…just the way I thought she’d be. But Alice is even better than I thought. But besides that I basically realized how cold it has been lately; I couldn’t wait for spring to be here maybe it’d be a little warmer. I mean everything is already going by so quickly and Christmas is almost here. Seth and Alice’s birthday is almost here. Seth’s birthday is Christmas Eve and Alice’s is New Year’s Eve. I already got Seth, Alice, and my mother a present. I got Seth new guitar picks and a CD of his favorite band. I bought Alice new bass strings and a golden statue of a microphone. And I bought my mother a CD of a singer my grandma used to like. And with my mom growing up around her music all her life I’m sure she’d like it. I didn’t get my father anything because I don’t really like him and I’m almost positive he spends all of his money on beer anyway. I think my mom was really close to kicking him out anyway. It was a week before Christmas and I definitely couldn’t wait…there was going to be parties that everyone would probably never remember because they’d be drunk once they stepped foot in the door. We were already on winter break until January eighth. But other than that we put some of our music on the Internet. The music sounds a little unfinished because where was no bass and Alice wouldn’t sing and play bass. We were supposed to hold auditions for the part though. “Do you think I should start learning how to multi task?” Alice asked as she clocked on another one of our songs. “No, we’re holding auditions…sometime. Remember?” I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a biscuit. “For…?” I think that Alice knew we were going to replace her one-day. “Bass.” I lied. I was actually looking for a bass and a new singer. Well if she did happen to find out at least we lasted about four months, that’s decent. But I shouldn’t even think about us breaking up anytime soon things were going great, especially around my house. Without liquor everyone was sober and could actually remember this Christmas and enjoy it. But I know my father was just probably cutting down because it’s the holidays, but who knows…maybe he actually does want to stop. No matter what I still didn’t really like him, he was like a second child instead of a father and husband. He’s an alcoholic to me now and will always be an alcoholic to me later. I stopped thinking about drinking and paced around my room. Seth and Alice weren’t able to come over as much with Christmas right around the corner and all. I walked into the living room where my parents were. “Are we still having a Christmas and New Year’s Eve party?” I asked whoever was listening. I started to switch around the channels on the TV. “Yes, all of our family and friends will be here.” My mom told me. She got up and started cleaning everything her hands touched, she dusted and arranged everything the way she wanted it. She cleaned the glass and vacuumed, and this was only the start. She has been doing this routine for the past three days. I think she needs something to do because she isn’t taking care of my father, or me and she isn’t drinking so she has nothing to do. And my dad is the one that works, my mom just usually spent time with my grandma. After I switched through all the channels twice I went to my room and turned on some music. It was my favorite band; I haven’t heard them in ages. I lay down on my bed and stared at the picture I would have given to my grandma. Christmas was here before I knew it. My mother bought me a skateboard. I used to know how to skate really well until Mitchell stole my skateboard two years ago. “Thanks, mom.” She smiled at my thanks and opened her present that I bought her. “Oh, Sam!” her arms flew around my neck. “Your welcome.” I unlocked her arms from around me and she backed away. My father opened his present from my mom and he got a little bottle of whiskey. Like he needed the alcohol anyways. “I hope I get money for that Strat.” I thought out loud. I remembered that I had wanted one for a while now. “Maybe you’ll get one next year.” My mom looked hopeful. A few hours later Seth and Alice stopped by, each with three presents. Alice bought me a new canvas and Seth bought me a custom-made guitar pick. It was black and engraved in gold letters that read, SAM & ALICE. My parents both got gift cards to stores they both likes. We all said our thanks and got Alice and Seth’s presents out. Seth loved the strings and guitar picks and Alice also enjoyed her bass strings and gold microphone. “Thank you, Sam!” Seth and Alice said in unison. I nodded and was pleased that they loved their gifts. “Do you guys know what we should name the band?” I asked and they followed me to the basement. “Nah, my mind is blank.” Seth said, jumping on the couch. “Me too.” Alice fidgeted with her fingers. “By the way those gifts were also your birthday gifts. I don’t have enough money, and Seth…sorry your present was late.” I sat down across from Alice at the bar. “S’ okay.” He mumbled. We were all quiet for a long time and we just sat there doing nothing. We heard my parents fighting; my father must have bought some beer or something because he was a little drunk. He was drunk enough to know what he was saying but he couldn’t control it. Then we heard the front door shut and glass break on the kitchen tile, I was guessing. “So what do you want to do?” I asked and looked at Alice for a moment and then Seth. “I don’t know.” Seth turned around and sat upright. “Should we practice?” Alice questioned herself. I shrugged and looked at Seth. I’m sure he had no clue on what to do, he never really did. I flipped on the TV and looked through the channels. I left it on the news; at least it was something to watch. We listened through the crime rate and the weather but Alice got bored and went upstairs to do something. We heard a scream seconds later. Seth and I scrambled upstairs to see what was wrong, it sounded like Alice. Once we got up there she was on the Internet, and she instantly looked at us. “What’s wrong?” My voice was panicked. “Look!” She squealed. Seth and I looked over her shoulder at the computer screen. Our music already got almost three thousand plays. My heart accelerated and I turned to Seth and then Alice. “Look at the comments!” Seth pointed. I took a peek and almost everyone loved our music, even without bass. “I can’t believe we have already got that many views in only a week, I didn’t think we’d ever have that much.” Seth quietly said. “Alice, let’s go and tell our parents.” Seth nodded towards the door. “Seth…before leaving, come and look at this.” I clicked on my email. “We already have people wanting to join our band for singer and bass.” I whispered. “Tell them to come by around four o’ clock.” Seth whispered back and took Alice to her house, I was guessing. I couldn’t believe we already have people that want to be in our band. I don’t know where Alice was exactly going but Seth came back alone within ten minutes. “Do you think they could come over?” I looked at Seth who was clicking violently on the computer. I think he was playing a game. “Yeah, they’ll come. Holidays suck once aren’t doing anything. His quickly followed the screen and whatever was moving on it. I watched him play that game until the two boys came over. One had long hair like Mitchell’s only black and he dressed like a skater, his name Derek. Then the other boy, Michael, had blonde hair like mine and dressed like Derek. They had to know each other. After they auditioned for what they wanted Seth and I decided that Michael would be our front man and Derek would play bass. The part I was worried about is telling Alice, how would she take it? I went through many possibilities, Alice, there’s no easy way to say this but you’re out of the band. No that’d be too mean. Maybe I’ll just tell her were serious about this band and we shouldn’t have a girl in the band, it’d be too weird. I mean I’m not being sexist or anything but when we break up things will be different. Later on, our two newest members of the band stayed here while Alice was coming over. She was over in minutes and she was surprised when she saw unfamiliar faces. “Uh…who are they?” Alice pointed to them while taking off her coat. “Michael and Derek.” I pointed to them once I said their name. “Michael is our new singer and Derek is playing bass.” They both waved at her. “Where am I fitting into the band then?” Her hand dropped limp at her side. “Well,” Seth started. “You can be our manager, or we could always use another guitar. You know, for extra sound.” Seth glanced at me…what was he doing? “Oh! Yeah. Definitely.” I played along. A smiled came to Alice’s face again. Seth just didn’t want any fights between anyone. “You could always be backup vocals.” I added. She nodded and came over to kiss my cheek. “Should we practice?” I looked at everyone. “Yeah, sure.” They all said in unison. Alice went o to go get her bass and we waited for her in my basement. We all started playing, besides Alice. She sat back and had a few drinks. Soon that’s where we’d all be, just sitting back and having a good time. The drum solo faded and it was actually quiet. I wish it were like that more often. “Good job guys.” I put my guitar on its stand and took a seat next to Alice. “What’d you think?” I put my arm around her shoulder. “It was great. But it was just a little weird not playing with you guys, you know.” Her laugh was uneasy. “You’ll still be in the band…just not in the band.” I took the drink from Alice and chugged it. She glared at me and took the bottle and threw it away. I thought I saw her give Seth a look but I wasn’t sure. I ignored that and looked at Michael and Derek. I can’t believe we had made such great friends with them this quick; it was like we have known them forever. They decided to leave but they were coming back for the party, our New Year’s party and Alice’s birthday party. And after Michael and Derek left everyone soon left after that. With the quiet I decided to work on a new song. I was writing it for Alice, about Alice. But not only was it about her it was her song. Since that first practice as the whole band I have been alone since then. But I was only alone because Seth and the rest of the band still were spending time with their families and my mom was out looking for my dad. Days after days I finally finished that song, and to be honest that was the most hardest song to write. And I still had to come up with music to go with it; obviously it would be rock…maybe soft rock. And as I thought of the band I thought of everyone’s instruments and I thought of the Strat I ended up getting. Before my grandmother passed away she had bought that guitar for me. I remember getting it, I was ecstatic and I really just wanted to tell her thank you. But I practically had to drag Alice out of her house to see it; I had no idea why she wouldn’t come out to see me, or my guitar. And I ended up giving her my old guitar too, since I thought she wanted to play guitar with me. “Thanks, I needed one. I can’t believe your giving this guitar to me for free!” She hugged me and kissed me on the lips. It was like the first kiss we experienced when we were in my basement. I loved the feeling and I just wanted it to last forever. And that wasn’t like me to think like that so I must really like this girl. I mean Alice was exactly like me; we had so much in common. She was a great friend to my cousin, Michael and Derek. She could play bass, guitar and she could sing! She liked the same music and she was so supportive. And she is there when nobody else can be. I sat around my house for a while just thinking about her and the future. Would our band ever become big and famous? Being a band isn’t about fame though, I love playing and having people enjoy your music. And with everyone cheering you on would be such a great experience. But before we even became famous, we had to come up with a name. I went into my room and tried to figure out band names and also experimented with many different styles of music to make it fit with Alice’s song. After hours and hours I finally came up with the music but no band name. I went to bed around three in the morning and woke up at noon the next day. Alice was at the end of my bed and smiled at me. “I uh…see you wrote a new song.” She came closer to me. I jumped out my bed and played the song, I even sang her the words…and I knew she loved it. I mean it was about everything she liked and did and about us. About the band. At the end of the song she jumped into my arms. “I love you.” She whispered. “I love you too.” I whispered back. I unlocked her arms from around my neck after a few moments of just standing. “Why did you write that for me?” We both took a seat on my bed. “Because I love you.” I took her hand and she kissed me on the lips again. But I now have come to the conclusion that I was obviously in love with this Alice Patterson. There was just no other way to explain this, because I knew it was true and I knew that almost anything couldn’t get between that.

The End

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