It’s been about a month since I’d talked to Seth. Turns out we will be getting two weeks off, we should be going back in the middle of July. Yeah, so Alice lives at the end of my street…not something to be sort of worried about. I mean not only will I be making a fool of myself around her at school but now I will at home too. She’s usually with Tyler; they seem to be good friends. At least he’s treating her better than Mitchell. I’d give Seth a call today and he can bring his drums. I mean we could play outside, it’s sunny out and it should be all this week. But I know it’ll rain at least three times this week or so…it always does. “Is grandma coming over anytime soon?” I asked my mother who was watching TV with my dad. He had the day off today, great. I know who’s getting drunk tonight. I ended up calling Seth and his father is bringing him in about five minutes. He was allowed to bring his drum set; I think we could form a band. Once he got here we set everything up in the backyard and I showed him my new song. He had to practice it for a few minutes; I just went by the fence and looked down the alley. I saw two adults punching and pushing each other. Then I saw some blood and money fly everywhere. A glass bottle came towards them too and cracked loudly. It looked like diamonds in the faint sunlight. “Sam…I’m ready.” Seth called. I ran over there and picked up my guitar. When we started playing it was perfect, we just needed bass…is what I would rather play but I didn’t care right now. I just wanted to play. It sounded like it was a real band. I could picture it now, Seth and I and if we got some other people we would be up on stage. We’d all be playing and then we’d get a lead singer and everyone would love us. I could feel the rush of it right now and it seemed almost too real. And when the song was over I just wanted to keep playing and playing but my arm was getting tired so we decided to take a break. “You guys need help?” Someone called from over the fence. It was Alice. She was in the alley leaning over the fence that separated my yard from the alley. “Sure. What can you do?” Seth asked. “Well I can play drums, sing, and play guitar.” She hopped over the fence and grabbed my guitar from the stand. She started playing a song I wasn’t familiar with, was it her own? She was good though…very good. Then the song cut off and she played a little on the drums. The beat on both instruments was steady and almost the same. She could fill in for lead singer until we find two other guys; I think it’d be weird if we had a chick in our band. I mean what if they hooked up and then when they broke up it’d be too weird and they might not want to play together anymore. “Yeah…want to be lead…singer?” I offered, hoping she wouldn’t take it. I didn’t want to make a fool of myself everywhere now…she was everywhere I was. “Sure. What do I sing?” She asked and looked over at Seth. I handed her the paper and she read over it.
“This is good. You write this?”
“Uh. Yeah.” I muttered and picked up my guitar again.
“You’re good.” Her smile was amazing. I mean I couldn’t like Alice…it’s not right. And when we started playing again and Alice started singing it was even better than I could have ever imagined. I mean it just sounded more perfect then I would have ever thought. We played until dark and then she had to get home, Seth walked her home and didn’t come back for another hour. At first I thought he got killed or lost or something. When he came home I was furious, “Seth where the hell were you?” I tried to keep my voice down. But I guess it didn’t matter because my parents were getting drunk downstairs anyway. “I walked her home and came back.” Seth scrunched his nose; I know he was mad too.
“It doesn’t take that long to walk to the end of the road and then come back here.”
“I took a walk through the cemetery across the street.” I was relieved. When my parents came back up for a minute I went back downstairs and snuck some alcohol…it was foreign so I couldn’t read it. But whatever it was it was strong. Seth and I were drunk before we knew it.

The next morning wasn’t so bad; I didn’t really have a hangover so that was good. Neither did Seth but my parents sure did. They slept the whole day, which was good for us because we practiced outside again. Alice must have heard us playing and came over to join. Seth talked to her the most though because I was too shy. And Alice never really made an effort to talk to me anyway. All that day and Sunday we practiced and made up new songs. We still didn’t know what the band name was going to be but Seth and I both knew once we get permanent members of the band Alice was out. She was just a fill in so we can make new songs and try them out. At school Mitchell harassed me about the band and made fun of me and said that playing in a band and everything was stupid and he said other things, only worse. Tyler and Alice were talking about the band and everything…it seemed like they hooked up but I know that they were just good friends. I think Seth wanted her anyway, and he would get Alice if he tried. In English we a substitute teacher and it was horrible. Chris and Mitchell were in that class with me and did everything they possibly could. They sharpened their pencils really sharp and stabbed me in the arms and shoulders and everywhere on my chest with it. Chris held my arm down and Mitchell took the pencil and dug into my skin and scraped it across my skin. They also took erasers and erased my skin with it. They are so much stronger than me there was no possible way I could ever beat them for doing this to me. Or I couldn’t ever do anything to them without it come back to bite me. And it really helped that the teacher was out of the room for all of this to happen so this day sucked, for me anyway. Alice walked home with me and tried to talk to me. I was definitely in no mood to talk but I forced some words out anyway. I sounded like I wanted to kill her but she didn’t mind. I’m sure that she saw all my injuries today. “Why doesn’t anyone help you?” She asked while taking my arm and carefully stroked one of the holes in my arm from the pencil. “Because nobody likes the kid who’s shy and doesn’t have friends or life.” I muttered before walking up the stairs to my house. I can’t believe she’d even ask that question. Why doesn’t anyone help you? I thought over and over again in my head. I put disinfectant and Band-Aids everywhere Mitchell and Chris hit me today. I used up the whole brand new box of them…. I guess I’ll have to tell my mom to buy about five boxes of Band-Aids if they keep this up. I decided to paint the rest of the day. I just splattered different colors of paint on the canvas. When I picked the canvas an outline of the rectangle canvas was on my wall. It looked kind of cool; I needed a new change to my room anyway. I mean I had hardwood floors and white walls. I decided to hang this up next to the other one I hung up about a month ago. That made me think of my grandma; I wonder when she’s coming back over. I walked out into the living room to ask my mother but she was helping my dad to the couch. He must have the day off tomorrow because he’s drunk…again. Big shocker. I sighed and went downstairs and I could use a couple drinks myself. And my mom would be upstairs most of the time so, why not? I grabbed some vodka and a glass. I poured it nearly to the top and drank it all down. And I had about two more glasses that full; I was out before I even knew what was happening. When I was passed out someone must have moved me to my bed because I don’t remember a thing. I sat up in my bed and it felt like someone took a hammer to my head. Fantastic. I grabbed some Advil PM and popped two. I know I shouldn’t have done that but whatever I’ll grab an energy drink and I’ll be good to go today. “Mom! I need five dollars.” I walked into the kitchen. Just as I suspected, she was making her coffee.
“I need to buy an energy drink.”
“Those are only two-fifty.”
“I want to buy a couple and some chips or something.”
“I only have a ten but Sam Anthony I swear if you don’t give me back change, so help me…” I interrupted her.
“Mom, relax.” She slipped me the ten-dollar bill.
“I need that for gas money.” She eyed me and then took a drink of coffee. I shoved the bill in my pocket and walked to the gas station. I grabbed just one energy drink and some Fritos. But while I was in the back I ripped off the security tag on some cheap alcohol and put it into my backpack. And I didn’t get caught, thankfully. You’d think I would since it’s me but luck was on my side for that one. Once I got to school and in class I popped open the top and took a drink. Yeah, that was sure cheap alcohol. It tasted as much as it was worth, which wasn’t much. I closed the lid and put it back into my backpack. At least it gave you a good buzz. At lunch I even went into the boy’s bathroom and chugged the rest of it. Oh yeah, that’s not a good idea. I got more weird looks than I usually did, I wasn’t all the way drunk but I couldn’t exactly keep my balance all that well and it was sort of sketchy. I still had two more classes. Today our schedule was only five classes today for some reason, I think it’s for people who are going away for three days for choir or band or something. Even when I tried to write stuff down it came out all scribbled and you couldn’t really read it. After school Alice walked with me today. At least the buzz was wearing off and I could actually make sense of my sentences. “Sam what’s with you? Let me smell your breath.” She stopped me, like I needed the help. I opened my mouth and let out a gust of air. Her face scrunched up, “What is that? It smells like the stuff my grandpa drinks.” And we continued to walk to our houses. She always walked with me to my house. I don’t know why but I think she always forgot and she’d just wait until I disappeared into my own personal hell. My house. We stopped in front of my house. “Sam, I’m worried about you.”
“I don’t think you should be. Alright…” She sighed and walked away after that. I think I’d just go to bed at this point. Skip the practice, skip the homework…skip everything. I fell asleep right when my head hit my pillow so I had no idea what went down that night. But when I woke up my mom was passed out on the floor with a bottle in her hand that had just a smidgen of scotch in it. And the lamp by the television was broken and on the floor. The end table was tipped over and the vase of flowers that were in it they were on they floor and broken. I’m glad I passed out early; I didn’t want to deal with this. I got ready and just went to school. I drank my energy drink and ate my Fritos that I didn’t get to yesterday. Seth was coming over today and I think my grandma was too. I have been hearing that Seth was switching schools to come to mine. At least I’d have someone to talk to because Alice never really talks to me at school. It’s weird. All day I just thought about the band and whom we were going to get. I mean for permanent members of the band. Seth and I were going to feel bad when we kick Alice out and we might not be friends with her anymore but it was for the band. And it was something we had to sacrifice. Alice is a great singer but if one of us ended up dating her it’d be too awkward if one of us broke up with her or vise versa, with guys that’d be a different story, unless Seth or I decided to go that way. The school day was easy and Chris and Mitchell weren’t there because they were on that trip for band. These past few days were easy, I loved it. I hated always being picked on and everything, there was absolutely so reason for it. When I got home Seth was waiting for me and my grandma’s car was there. I ran inside and Alice must have been outside with Seth. My mother was talking to her about something serious because they stopped talking when I came in. I dropped my backpack and looked at both of them suspiciously. “What’s going on?” I took a seat next to my mother. “Nothing.” She said while shaking her head. I gave her a strange look and went back outside. “When are you starting at out school?” I asked Seth. “Tomorrow.” She smiled. I nodded and we sat on the porch steps for hours. It was amazing how long we could sit there and just talk about nonsense.

The past few days have been weird…I mean Seth is at our school. It’s great and everything but Alice acts so weird when he’s around us. But when it’s just us two she acts perfectly fine. After school Seth can just walk to his house from school, since he lives with my grandma. We practice almost everyday, we take turns practicing at each other’s houses. And each of us has come up with a new song but I’m the one who usually writes all of our music and lyrics. All together we have ten songs so far. It was Friday and my mother was throwing a party for my dad’s birthday. Alice, Seth and obviously I were going to be there. My grandma wasn’t going though because she didn’t want to be around all the drunks. I wouldn’t want to be either but I was getting drunk too. I don’t know about Seth and Alice but I needed it. “Sam stop drinking so much.” Alice put down my glass. Even though everyone was drunk all three of us were downstairs at our bar. Seth was already drunk and I was getting there. “Alice just lighten up and drink this.” I slid the drink across the tabletop and she drank it down. I gave her three more glasses and in no time she was drunk too. I didn’t really remember what happened but I do remember that Seth had taken Alice upstairs and they never came back down. I woke up about nine o’ clock that morning and found myself on the bar. My clothes smelled like all kinds of drinks and the bar was sticky. I felt the same as I did the other morning; I definitely had too much to drink. I went upstairs and everyone was passed out everywhere. Think were broken and there was blood on people faces and shirts. People must get angry when they drink. I even had to check a pulse for one guy that I suspected was one of my dad’s friends. There was a broken bottle next to him and blood was all over his face and hair. He was alive but it sure didn’t look like it. I checked in every room for Seth and Alice but one room. I feared this and I didn’t even want to go in there but I did anyway. I cracked open my door and they weren’t in there either. I let of a gust of air. I was so relieved. If they weren’t here than where were they? I checked outside and Seth was on the porch and Alice was in the yard. I turned on the sprinklers and it woke Alice up but we let Seth sleep. I told her how cranky he could be sometimes. After a while Alice and I got bored and we ended up waking Seth up the same way I woke Alice up. “Why the hell am I up at one-fifteen?” His eyes were squinted at the sunlight. “Everyone’s still passed out inside.” I told him. We walked inside and put everyone in comfortable places. We started practicing a two o’ clock and that must have woke everyone up because they dais their goodbyes and went home. My dad went along with two of his friends and I knew he wasn’t coming back home for a while. It was calm all day since nobody was really there. I knew once Mitchell and Chris came back the neighborhood wouldn’t be so innocent then. But soon Seth and Alice went home and my mom went to the grocery store and to my grandmother’s house, I was alone again. I just looked out the window and I saw something that didn’t surprise me. I saw a three-year-old get run over. The people who were in the car didn’t even stop and nobody called 911. All I saw was a dead body.

The End

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