New Love

The rest of that week was all right; I mean I didn’t get harassed at all. Mitchell and Chris and Tyler didn’t even go to school the rest of that week. I painted another picture that week too. It was a picture of a lily and I knew my grandma would love it. I actually got to see my dad too. I didn’t really have a conversation with him but I said hi. I guess that counts as something. But it’s okay; I don’t think it’s that big of a deal living most of my life without a dad. I don’t even know what it would have been like if I would have had a dad be there. Would I actually be normal? Would I have friends and would Mitchell, Chris, and Tyler still tease me? I wonder if any of those things would have happened if I actually had lived with a dad. I mean I could have it worse. I could have no family or anything, I guess. I could be dead right now. And it doesn’t really matter what happens now, I basically used to being alone and getting beat up. And if I had stayed inside all my life I probably wouldn’t be a good drawer and painter and everything. I would probably be outside or over at a friend’s or something. So I guess not having a dad had its good side too. I just wish I could learn something else, do something else than rather draw and paint. But something I would enjoy and others could enjoy too. I just have to figure it out I suppose. This weekend my grandma is going to go shopping for my cousin, Seth. I wasn’t going to the family party but neither was the rest of our family. There was a fight between his mother and mine. But his mother was just mad at her; she loved the rest of us. And this present was from grandma; my father and I. Seth might be able to help me find out something I’d like to do that was creative. “Grandma, can I come with you to shop for Seth’s present?” I asked as I looked out the front room window.
“Sure. Would you like to come with me to the family party? Seth and his family want to see you. You guys are the same age right?”
“I think we are. If not he’s one year older than me. All I know is that we’re in the same grade but we don’t go to the same school.”
“So you’re going?”
“Yeah.” The rest of that day was quiet. My mom or dad didn’t come home that night. My grandma had to stay at my house that night. “Where was mom and dad last night?” I asked my grandma. She was fixing us breakfast right now. We were having French toast and bacon. “Well…they were out at the bar last night. They’re probably asleep in their car right now in the parking lot.” She slid the French toast and bacon onto my plate. I got the syrup and poured it all over my French toast. “Why do think they get drunk every week?” I asked and I bit off a piece of bacon. “Why do you think everyone else does it?” My grandmother looked at me. “Because they have to get away from their problems they faced that day. Or they just don’t want to come home and deal with things. Or they just have nothing else to do with their lives. Others sometimes do it because they’re afraid.” I murmured. “Good answer.” She smiled at me. After breakfast we got dressed and everything and went to go get Seth’s birthday present. His family party was at two-thirty. We pulled into a store where you buy instruments. I didn’t really know what the stores were usually called but all I knew is that there were instruments in here. Cool instruments though. When we walked inside rock music played and I saw drum sets, bass guitars, and regular guitars. There were accessories too, like drumsticks, guitar strings and everything. “Seth plays…?” I waited for my grandma to give me an answer. “Guitar and drums. He needs new strings and drumsticks” I nodded and followed her the rack there they were at. Then I saw something that caught my eye immediately. I fell in love when I first saw it in the display case. It was a black Fender American Standard Strat. The glossy black finish looked so good, and along with the maple fretboard…anyone would want this. I stroked the glass of the display case and I knew I had to have it. “You like that don’t you?” The clerk behind the counter asked. He looked like he was from a band as well, his black messy hair and the way he dressed. He probably was in a band. “Yeah, it’s great.” A smile spread across my face. “I’ll definitely be back here soon.” I promised him and my grandma saw me eyeing the guitar. She smiled and nodded for me to come over to the counter. Next we were going to Seth’s. I would ask him about the guitar and everything like that. I knew I wanted to learn how to play and I had to learn. Once we had gotten there everyone was drunk except Seth, my grandma, and I. My mother and father was there…I’m sure Seth’s mom didn’t really care since she was intoxicated. Seth motioned for me to come with him. I knew that my grandma wouldn’t drink so I wasn’t worried about her. “Hey, I haven’t seen you in a good three years. How’ve you been?” He asked and closed the door. “Good. You?” I smiled and looked around his room. It looked cool; I saw his guitars and drums. He nodded. He pulled something out under his bed. “You like this?” It was vodka. “Yeah, it’s alright.” Seth gave it to me and I opened it and took a big drink. I made a face and swallowed it down. “Strong?” He smiled and took a drink too. I didn’t answer and plucked one of his guitar strings. “Guitar…do you play?” He took another drink of the alcohol. “No. I want to.” He gave the bottle to me and picked his guitar up. “I’ll show you.” For hours we played and got drunk. I ended up passing out on his floor at about eleven. The next morning everyone out in the living room was passed out everywhere. Except my grandma she was sleeping on the couch. I knew she hadn’t been drinking but probably taking care of everyone else. I had a headache real bad and I wanted to throw up. “Seth, you have to teach me how to play guitar and drums today.” I told him as I came back into his room. He nodded and picked up the drumsticks I bought him. I didn’t remember giving him his present. “Thanks for the guitar strings and drumsticks.” He started playing the drums and I started playing guitar, well tried. I plucked the strings I thought was right. We both sounded good. All day he taught me how to play the drums and guitar. By the end of the day I knew all of the basics of each instrument. He even gave me his SG with a red and black finish. The guitar pick he gave me was engraved with Seth’s name. It was the only spare he had just in case he lost his other one. The amp he gave me was small enough so I could carry it without any problem. He said the amp made it sound pretty good though for it’s small size. When I got home I plugged it in and started playing right away. It sounded great, I was so happy Seth taught me how to play. My father came home drunk again, great. It was about one-thirty in the morning when he came home with my mother holding him up. “Mom? Where have you guys been? Grandma left hours ago.” I was furious with them, mostly my dad though. “He stopped at the bar and had a few drinks.” She let him fall down on the couch. “A few?” I said. “I’ll be right back, I have to go to the drugstore to get him some medicine for tomorrow morning.” She stormed out of the door. Great. “Help me up.” My dad’s words were slurred. He got up off the couch and came towards me. He struck me with his fist. It knocked me onto the ground. He continued to beat me with his fists; I hadn’t known how strong he was. After about ten minutes he passed out. I got up and ran to my bedroom. My mom came home about five minutes later and she took him to his room. After that she came into my room. “Are you alright?” Good thing my back was to her. “Yeah, I’m fine.” I lied. I didn’t want my dad to get in trouble. It wasn’t really his fault. The next morning I woke up right on time for school. Everything was fine that day. Except in History, all three of my favorite people were in that class. They bothered me the whole time. “Hey his face is already screwed up, we don’t even have to do anything.” Chris called out to Mitchell who was across the room. “We could mess it up more though.” He called back. Once the bell rang I was the first one out of that class. I went to lunch and sat by myself at the end of the table. I had breadsticks and cheese that day and I tried to eat it fast. I didn’t want Mitchell or Chris to steal it. Tyler was the nicest person out of that whole group; I think he knew how bad I had it sometimes. Unfortunately, Mitchell and Chris planned something already and took someone’s cottage cheese and dumped it all over my head. I slammed my fists on the table and got up and went to my locker to change my shirt. I was so tired of them but what could I do? I went to the boy’s locker room and washed the cottage cheese out of my hair and changed my shirt. I got my things and went to my next class early. English was my favorite because I sat in the front and nobody could mess with me. The teacher, Mrs. White knew what people did to me because she saw it before. She’s the only one who actually cares that has seen it at school. She was in there when I walked in and took my seat. “Did the other boys bother you today?” She asked and looked up at me through her glasses. “Yeah.” I looked down at my desk and traced the lines where people engraved pictures and words. “What’d they do?” She looked back down at the papers I think she was grading. “Dumped cottage cheese on my head.”
“They didn’t do anything else?” Her face scrunched up.
“No?” I was confused.
“Well you have bruises on your face and arms…” She stopped. I nodded. “Do you get abused at home?” She put down her pen. “No!” My voice sounded offended but I didn’t mean it like that. “Oh, sorry then.” She nodded and started grading papers again. Soon everyone started coming in quickly through the doors and looked at me and started snickering. Soon after getting tired of being laughed at I started tracing the lines of the pictures and words that were engraved into the desk again. I hated being me but I knew I had to get through high school somehow. My last class was up next, Art. I loved that class also; I was almost the best student in that class. I always got A’s. It came so easy to me anyway so I don’t see why I wouldn’t get A’s. Thank goodness nobody bothers me in this class because I would probably go crazy. Drawing and being creative was what I was good at and if anyone disrupted that, they’d have to pay because I liked to do it and I want to make it as perfect as it can be. And after that class the walk home was peaceful…Mitchell or Chris or Tyler didn’t catch up with me. My dad was still passed out on the couch when I came in. My mom was home too and came into the living room with a cup and Alka-Seltzer. “Dad’s awake?” I asked and put my backpack down. “Yeah, his eyes are closed.” She dropped the Alka-Seltzer in the cup and I watched it fizz down to the bottom. “Thank you.” He mumbled. I went to my room and started writing music for my guitar. I’d have to call up Seth and ask him if he could come over with his drums or something. Maybe someday I’d be in a band and become big. I turned up my amp just to get back at my dad and played it loud. I knew he was yelling at me to turn it down and so was my mom but I just kept playing…I didn’t care. My dad just then busted through my door and he was saying something I couldn’t hear. I didn’t stop playing my music once. “I can’t hear you.” I mouthed. He slammed my door and then after that guitar riff I stopped playing and put it away. I did my homework and asked if I could go outside. “Remember what happened last time you went outside.” She was cleaning up the kitchen. I glanced over at the trashcan and there were a lot of beer bottles in there. “Don’t you think you should give up drinking?” I walked into the living room and looked at my dad. “Why? I only do it so I can escape everyone here.” He mumbled into the couch. “Sam, you know he doesn’t really mean that.” My mom straightened up everything in the living room too. “Tell that to his fists.” I said and walked into my bedroom again. What was the point of actually trying to be nice to people anymore? I try to be nice to everyone at school and everyone thinks they can push me around. And my dad hates me now, what did I ever do? I wished that I could run away forever. I wished I could go and show everyone how good I could play guitar and drums and be in a band and make it big and become famous. Seth and I would be famous and we could forget about everyone else. I mean he has a good life; he has friends and doesn’t have a life anything like mine. Soon I fell asleep and had dreams consisting of things that happened the in the last week. I dreamed of getting almost beat to death with skateboards and then getting drunk and then last night when my father beat me too. I woke up exactly and six o’ clock, when I was supposed to wake up. I had to be at school by seven anyway, I had plenty of time. My mom was already up and my father was gone and probably at work. My mom was making coffee and had the morning news on. “When is grandma coming over again?” I asked and sat down on the couch in the living room. “Today actually. Do you want to stay home today?” She didn’t look happy. I wonder what was wrong. Maybe she was just tired. “Sure, thanks.” Good thing I didn’t get changed yet or anything. I got a cup of coffee too and watched the news with her. Around nine o’ clock I got ready and waited for my grandma to come by. All three of us spent the day at home together. My grandma looked a little different, a little run down. But I ignored the whole thing and told her about things that happened that week and a couple nights ago. “I hate heavy drinkers like your father.” My grandma said. I nodded and so did my mother. That week was easy; I didn’t really go to school. I mostly just spent time with my mother and my grandma. But when my mom went to work I just spent time with my grandma. And still I didn’t really see my dad, which I was happy about. On Friday we had a new kid though and her name was Alice Patterson. She had light brown hair that went just past her shoulders. Her bangs went over her right eye and were colored blue, dark purple, and red. She was about my height and pretty thin, like me. All together she was pretty. She seemed pretty quiet like me too and didn’t really have any friends yet. Mitchell seemed interested in her; he messed with her a lot. He always asked her if she wanted to come to his house after school and always talks to her. I know she doesn’t like him. I wanted to help her, in some way she was like me. I sat by the living room window when I got home. I thought of that girl, Alice. Maybe somehow…I’d be friend with her. I decided to get some air I needed it. I sat on my porch for a while; light rain fell on my head and al over the sidewalk, making dark brown spots where they hit the ground. I saw Tyler run by and once he saw me he stopped. I tried to get up quickly but I slipped on the steps and fell. “Sam!” He called out. Tyler ran over to me and pulled me up. “Why are you here?” I asked bitterly. “I’m not hurting you anymore. I’m sick of Mitchell and Chris but they’re family and I’m still hanging out with them, just not messing with you anymore.” His apology was sincere. “Sorry Sam.” Tyler smiled. I never knew Chris was related to Mitchell and Tyler. But come to think of it I heard others saying Tyler and Mitchell were cousins with Chris. “Thanks.” I half smiled back at him. He left after a few moments. Now I only needed Mitchell and Chris to stop bugging me so much. It was easier said than done. But enough about that, I was concentrating more on my Strat I wanted now. I have been doing work for my grandma. She’s been looking worse now; I think maybe she’s working too hard also. I know my mom and grandma is keeping something from me but I don’t know what it is yet. But what I do know is that it’s bad and they don’t want to know. Maybe it’s nothing to worry about so I wouldn’t…for now. I wanted to think about making friends with Alice, I try and talk to her but my attempts suck. I always just end up babbling about something and running away. This week Mitchell and Chris shoved my face into spaghetti. Alice witnessed what they do to me and it’s embarrassing. I mean I get embarrassed around everyone else too. I guess it’s just complicated. I got bored of looking out the window and just ended up drawing random things. I picked up my colored pencils my grandma bought me for my birthday almost two weeks ago. It’s amazing how only my grandma remembered my birthday.

The End

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