Demolition Lovers-Chapter 1: Prisoner

I can’t go outside, my mom says bad things happen out there. She says I have to stay inside all day for the whole summer! I don’t have any brothers or sisters or anyone to play with. My mom goes to work at noon and my dad is at work all day and he comes home when I’m sleeping. My grandma comes to watch me sometimes but other times I’m alone. Usually I draw things like made up things. I’m fourteen but it’s still fun to make up weird creatures and then putting them on paper. I can draw pretty well, I mean being inside all my life I’m sure I would work up some kind of skill. “Sam! I’m heading off to work. You behave for your grandmother now, she’s coming soon.” My mother yelled. I didn’t answer I was busy drawing but she left anyway. I walked to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. My short pale, blond hair was messed up. I smoothed it into place and just kept looking into the mirror. I looked at my white face, my dark blue eyes, my straight features and smooth skin. I was normal height and I was thin too. I jumped when the front door opened and my grandma yelled my name. “Sam! Come here and give your grandma a hug!” She yelled again. “Right here grandma.” I said, running to her with open arms. “Do you have any new drawings you want to show me?” She asked while sitting down on our couch. I brought the drawing of a vampire. “You should be an artist or something, you’re really good.” She handed the drawing back and grabbed the remote. I went back to drawing something that meant the world to me. I drew a picture of a rose, for some reason a black rose meant something to me. Actually any kind of rose meant something. I wasn’t sure what yet but it meant something. “Don’t you have friends to hang out with during the summer?” I knew my grandma was worried about me because I never hung out with anyone. “Mom says I have to stay inside. She says bad things happen out there.” I was still concentrated on my drawing. “Well, I didn’t die coming here, did I?”
“Grandma, don’t worry about me. School will be here and I’ll try and make new friends.”
“Your just a little different than other kids.”
“Is that a bad thing?” I was looking at her now.
“No. It’s just that I’d wish your mother wasn’t so paranoid.” She grumbled. I smiled at her and continued to draw the rest of my vampire picture. I wished I were like a normal teenager. Like the type of fourteen year old boy who has friends and a girlfriend and everything. Instead I’m this misfit that doesn’t talk to anyone and I sure don’t have a girlfriend. Nobody ever talks to me, I see why. I’m just a little different to my grandma but I’m more than that…definitely someone who doesn’t fit in. But that’s all right I guess. I’ll try and get through high school. I decided to watch TV to get my mind off of the not fitting in thoughts. My grandma was watching the news, and then she’d watch cooking shows until my mom got home. At least I knew how to cook for myself anyway. Once my mom would get home grandma would leave and my mom would go shopping for groceries or other things we needed. We were always running out of something, or we were out of something. When I was alone like that I just stared at the wall. Either that or I just read some of my books. Or sometimes I’d just stare out of my window and watch the people and cars go down the streets. Once I even seen someone get shot, not surprising in my neighborhood. I didn’t even flinch or anything, my eyes did bug out or I didn’t even make a noise. I just sat there like it was nothing, there wasn’t really much I could do. Tacoma isn’t really all that good, well this part of Tacoma wasn’t good at all. This particular neighborhood…was like living in hell. My life is on the line every time I walk to school, sometimes I’d even carry a pocketknife with me, or something that I could easily kill someone with. I wasn’t going to die now, definitely not now. Maybe one day I’d go outside and try to play with kids around here. They’re always on their porches, unless their parents don’t care what they do. But it still wouldn’t surprise mw id some little kid got stabbed or cut or shot or even ran over. Like I said, I live in one of the bad neighborhoods in Tacoma. I’m sure there were worse places than this around here. I just stared out the window; maybe my dad would come home early. I only really see him on Sundays. If only I had a little brother or something…. The rain stopped within an hour. But it was still cloudy. My mother came home early today though. “Sam, do you want to do something? I have some extra money.” Her hand touched my shoulder lightly. “No.” My voice was blank. I heard her quiet footsteps disappear somewhere in the house. I didn’t know what to do now; there was nothing to do. I turned on the TV and flipped around for a few minutes. Obviously, there was nothing on. I turned it off and went to my room. I could use some more sleep, I flopped on my bed and closed my eyes. I was glad I was going to sleep; I hadn’t been getting my full eight hours anyway.

When I woke up my mother put a note next to me on my pillow.
Sam, grandma is coming around noon so you’ll have someone here with you.
Love, Mom

I crumpled it up and tossed it into the trashcan. It was about eleven-thirty in the morning. I was getting ready so my grandma wouldn’t have to tell me to. I got dressed and smoothed down my hair and all the other basics. By the time I got finished my grandma came through the front door. “Sam! I have a surprise for you!” She hollered. I ran through the house and stopped at the couch. She was smiling as she pulled something out of her big purse. She held out a box of fifty multicolored pencils. I took them and thanked her. A smile spread across my face, I was really happy. I needed some new colored pencils. When I opened the box a hundred dollar bill fell to the ground. My eyes almost popped out of my head and my head snapped up at my grandma. She was still smiling at me. “That’s your early birthday present.” She said softly. “Let’s go to the store.” She stated. My grandma knew me well enough that I was up for whatever she was. But I concentrated my thoughts back onto the bill she gave me. I’d never gotten that much money before; we’d never had enough. I usually got fifty. When we arrived at the store we went straight for the arts and crafts section. I bought a paint set that came with all different colors of paint in plastic tubes. There were three paintbrushes and drawing pencils with a block eraser and a little black sharpener. There were also crayons and little colored pencils. This set was just twenty dollars. I couldn’t believe that good price. Than I decided to go get three canvases. So in all I blew eighty dollars but I saved the rest for something else. I started painting as soon as I got home. Well, first I drew my picture and then I started painting. My family always said I was good at artistry and that creative stuff. Right now I was jus painting multicolored abstract shapes and lines. I used blue, red, and black. It looked really great and professional. “Looks good.” My grandma said. “Thanks.” When I was done I hung it up on the wall to dry. I was done painting for the day and I wanted to go outside. Around two ‘o clock my grandma left and again I was alone. I was always alone, and tomorrow she wouldn’t be coming over. School would be starting soon anyway; we got out early in May for the whole month because three people shot up the place. Only one teacher and two kids shot hurt though. I was under the cafeteria table so I was safe. We’d be going at the beginning of July and then get off another month in August. It was messed up but I didn’t care, I guess. I want to go back because at least I’d have something to do. And maybe they won’t even give us another month off because we didn’t need it. Especially kids like me that have no real life. I could last one more week…it’s only a week. I didn’t know what else to do and I like taking chances, I like being risky. I opened the front door and stepped outside, the mist brushed my face. I heard gunshots and sirens. Most likely the thing you’d hear for three and half blocks straight. I would walk around the block, what’s the worst that could happen? I don’t get scared easily. But if people from school that usually mess with me come out then I might have problems. Those kids did horrible things to me. Once they slammed my head against the locker almost one hundred times it seemed like and then pushed me on the ground. My head hit the ground pretty hard too. They beat the life out of me it seemed like before, and they poured a strawberry shake all over my head before. When I came around on the second street (the one right next to mine) I saw those kids. They were going into the ninth grade, like me. There were three of them and they were Chris, Tyler, and Mitchell. Chris was the one with short black hair; he looked like those guys in really hardcore bands. I mean so did the rest of them but Chris would tie right in with a band. Tyler was the one with semi-long brown hair. Mitchell looked like that too, I mean they’re brothers but still. All three of them had bangs that hung in their faces. I thought it was sort of funny my hair is getting like that too. When I saw them they were all skateboarding and doing tricks. They all were wearing ripped jeans with a white tank top on. Obviously, wearing skate shoes. Once they saw me they started calling my name and started cursing at me. I tried ignoring them but it didn’t work. All three of them came over with their skateboards held high with both hands right over their shoulders. I stopped and looked at them strangely and then figured out what they were going to do. “I see, this time you’re going to beat the shit out of me with skateboards?” My voice was angry. They looked at one another then back at me and smiled. Their skateboards were almost being thrown at my face and the rest of my body. The wheels were the things that hurt the most. Every other time the skateboard’s wheel would come in touch with my face, it’d feel like on of my eyes were being gouged out of my eye socket. Or one of my teeth got knocked out when they really didn’t, or that my nose had been shattered when that never happened either. My ankles and wrists were the next thing I was worried about. Blood was everywhere, on their shirts, on my clothes, on the skateboards, on the sidewalk…everywhere. It was over within fifteen minutes though. And I was still okay to walk home, amazingly. Nothing was broken or anything so that was a plus. My mother knew the drill for when I came home like this. She got a warm washcloth and disinfectant and bandages. “Are you alright?” She asked while carefully touching my face with the disinfectant. “Yeah, I’m fine.” I grumbled. My right eye was bruised under my eyelid. My wrists and ankles were also bruised and a little cut up. My mouth was bleeding as well as my nose. And my face was a little cut up too. “This is what will happen when you go outside around here, I just wish we could moved in a better neighborhood.” She grabbed the disinfectant and put it everywhere. If I did this I bet this would go worse than it is. “I don’t need any Band-Aids mom.” I walked up into my room and fell asleep again. That whole week I did nothing, I didn’t go outside, didn’t draw, didn’t paint…I was bored. I mostly stared at the wall the whole time. Then…school was here. I’d have to walk to school again and be a person that didn’t really exist. That morning when I was walking to school nobody bothered me, probably because Chris, Mitchell, or Tyler wasn’t there. Usually when they messed with me some other kids did too, just not as bad as those three. They announced that there would be no extra month for us to skip, but next year it will be three and a half months of summer since we had to go back early this year. Great, can’t wait for that summer. Monday’s suck though, you always have bad days on Monday’s. First I got this news…only worse to come. It was a good thing I kept a fresh pair of clothes in my backpack just in case someone were to beat me up or dump something on me. My life sucks and that’s all there is to it. Only three more years, I thought. My feet dragged across the tile as I walked through the front door. I went to a spot by the wall where nobody was and leaned against it and let myself slid down to the floor. I saw Chris and Tyler…where was Mitchell. Well, better two than three. Mitchell usually was the one that screwed my life up anyway; the others just liked to do it sometimes. Speak of the devil, Mitchell walked in. I put my head down, trying not to be seen by him. Too late, he came over here with the other two and had his back pack…it looked heavy. He hit me in the head with his backpack. It was heavy, and the corners of his books hit my temple. I got up and walked away, everyone was looking at me get beat by Mitchell. As I walked into the classroom the bell had just rung and everyone was rushing to get here. The teacher would come in five minutes late anyway…great Chris is in this class. Chris sat next to me and started hitting me in the arm and then he took out his lighter and burned me. I slapped it out of his hand and when he got up to pick the lighter up he punched me in the head. I was so sick of him and Mitchell. Tyler was mean to me to but not as much as the other two. But Tyler and Chris will never be as bad as Mitchell is. I hate Science, and that was this class. I never paid attention anyway. But still, I pass this class. After sleeping for the whole class time I went to the bathroom to see if anyone drew on my face or anything. Nothing. Nobody bothered me…surprising. I went to my next class, Math. I was pretty good at this class, and I was happy that Mitchell, Chris, and Tyler weren’t there either. But the school day flew by me fast. But the walk home could have been a little nicer. “Sam…where are you going?” Mitchell called from behind me. They came running at me and stopped when they were all walking beside me. “I see your recovering well from your beating.” Chris said. “Too bad we don’t have our skateboards.” Mitchell looked at Chris and gave him a suspicious smile. Tyler pushed me hard and my face hit the pavement real hard. I’m sure blood was rushing out of my nose. I got up and ran home, what was that for anyway? When I got home nobody was here. My mom must be working until seven. I washed up my face and changed my shirt; too bad most of my shirts have bloodstains on them, some of them were cool shirts. I guess I’ll just watch everything outside until I go to bed, since there was nothing else to do.

The End

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