The sound of a high pitched scream and an explosion filled the ears of both Cassie and Grey with the arrival of Francesca, the Cherry-bombed punk engineer.

Having rammed through the front door of the Rust Bucket with a high kick with her boot, she wielded two barrels of petrol under each arm. Beside her petite frame, Felix, emerging from the smoke, popped his head over Fran’s shoulder, waving to the two teens casually. “Look who I found!”

Grey’s eye started twitching, and Cassie just ran over to her best friend, wiping off the excess ash that stuck to her face with a rag and replaced it with a smile. Grey let go a breath that he didn’t realise he was holding. ‘Interruptions are handy’ he thought both sincerely and sarcastically, which he never thought was possible.

“Francesca! Holy Oil, it’s been too long! Wait, what’s with the smoke?” Cassie asked, waving it away from her face.

“Its best you don’t ask, Cass.” Felix answered.

Still a little baffled, she pushed it aside for now “Eh, never mind. How was the last of boarding school?”

“Pfft, a pain in the butt as always,” She responded, raking her red Cherry locks with her blue-polished fingernails. “Parents were happy with me staying there, so when the hollies started, they dumped me here; Suits me and them down to the ground.”

Cassie hid her sympathy for Fran, knowing full well if she mentioned it, she would get a butt kicking from her. No mercy. She instead replaced it with joy.

“Well it’s great to have you here for the holidays, wouldn’t be fun without yah!”

“Too right.” She smirked. Her smile grew wider as see caught glimpse of Grey. Without warning, Fran tackled an unprepared Grey to the ground. Knocking him off his feet, they both rolled until Fran straddled his waist in a pinning move, waving her spanner mockingly.

“Grey! Long time no see! How’s my monkey?” Fran snickered, rustling his hair.

“Shoot, Fran!” Grey’s mind back into gear, he finally paid attention to his childhood friend. “Why'd you tackle me for?”

“You know its my nature, Monkey!”

As the two childhood friends bickered at each other, Cassie leant over to Felix felling rather confused “’Monkey?’”

Felix sucked his lips in to hold a snicker “Yeah, its a nickname that Francesca had given him when they were at school, and has called him that ever since; Y’know, his last name being ‘Wrench’ and all?” Felix shrugged.

Cassie just replied with an ‘oh’, in her mind thinking that she could use this name of his for her own benefit. She smiled deviously with a giggle.

“Your here for the summer too?” Fran continued to converse.

“Uhhh, yeah,” Grey said, dusting himself off “Gonna need a place to crash while we get ready.”

“Ready?” Fran asked curiously letting both of them to stand up off the dirt floor “Ready for what?”

“We’re gonna whip some Demo butt, that’s what!” Felix bellowed triumphantly, puffing out his chest a bit.

Fran was silent for a bit, wearing a blank expression. Then she suddenly squealed in delight. Enough to pierce through her companions middle ears.


“Already did.” Said Grey, taking back his spanner from her before tapping her nose with it with a cunning smirk “we’re gonna need your explosive technician skills to fire this baby up.”

Catching glimpse of the Grind, Fran examined with concentration, then finally gave Grey a strangling hug by the neck.

“Oh Monkey! You’ve made me the happiest girl in the world. I would gladly set this monstrosity on fire for you!” she laughed manically.

Even with lack of air in his lungs, Grey still managed to express his frustration.
He knew that people needed convincing. But how?

finally latching off of her childhood 'Monkey', Francesca decided to reconnect with Felix. Cassie gave Grey a shoulder punch, which grabbed his intended attention.

"you go on ahead and dismantle, arrange, and do your magic on your newly found joy. i'll be right back; i might have something that can help out."

"who ever said i needed your help in this?" Grey smirked.

Cassie flicked Greys nose so hard, he fell on his back with a thud "Enough of your cheek, 'Monkey'." she stuck out her tongue with a 'nyah' "Wont be a minute."

and with that, the Chocolate skinned girl took her leave, exiting through a cloth draped door.

Grey, still on the floor, scooted undernieth the Grinder, inspecting the pipes, cords and...the remnants of a savagley torn teddy bear...what the heaven? as he set to inspect the damage, he could overhear the conversation between his friends.

Francesca’s amber eyes shone in amazement “Your fingers almost fell off? That’s extreme, man.”

“Oh yeah,” Felix said, flexing his still bruised fingers “But grey just thought I was overreacting. I mean, wouldn’t you at least feel something if a giant killer robot came running at you and you had to settle the fate of your friends with a thumb battle?”

“You’re so brave, Felix.” Fran cooed.

“And you’re so gullible,” Grey injected from under the Grinder, examining the engines interior.” but that’s why we love you.”

“Hey!” Fran pouted, kicking him in the shin “NO MAKING FUN! OR I’LL SHOVE THAT GRINDER DOWN YOUR THROAT!” She hollered, nearly blowing the wind out his other ear”And besides,” she continued, placing her hands on her hips proudly as she gained her composure “‘Gullible’....last I checked I was a girl, NOT a bird! So there!”

Grey refrained from smacking his forehead, because he was certain if Fran saw this, she would take her threat into action. Plus both of his hands were occupied with prying the grinder’s engine interior open so he was unable to note her...uniqueness.

“Yeah Grey!” Felix concurred with Fran “She don’t look like no seagull to me. Although it would be cool! Flying around at the beach, making annoying squawking sounds, and taking revenge on the beach goers who didn’t throws us any bread chunks but instead gave us rice! Are they crazy? Do they secretly want my stomach to go boom in midflight?”

Grey was quiet from a brief moment before finally saying “Y'all guys are cuckoo."

Fran sighed in fustration "Again with the birds!"

The End

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