It took them a good half hour, and Felix’s fingers were bruised to the bone, till they dragged the Grinder down the slum streets towards a dome shaped building, barely kept together by scrap wood and rusty metal; which greatly linked to ‘The Rust Bucket Inn’ sign above the enforced door. With a knock and a holler, they pushed the hunk of metal into the middle of the first floor of the inn.

“Hello?” Grey called, hearing his voice bounce off the interior sculpting.

“Echo! Echo! Echo!” Felix yelled at the top of his lungs, which left grey looking unimpressed.

“Hey, you can’t lie if you say that you never wanted to do that.”

“then I wont...” Grey smirked.

With another glance around the wide room, Grey sighed. “I guess no ones home yet.”

“Well yeah, school only just finished two hours ago.”

“I’ll wait here till someone arrives, could you get some barrels of tank fuel? Might as well get started as soon as we can.”

Felix pouted “Fine, got nothing else to do I guess. Laters.”

And with that, Grey was alone in the rust bucket inn. It was a while since Grey had visited his second home, and strangely (as well as thankfully), it hadn’t changed a bit. Its dirt covered floor never seized to get up his nose, pun intended. He could still see the remnants of metal pipes, bags of spanners and wrenches, and exhaust pipes that he had collected over the years of visiting the junkyard (Junkyard being other peoples cars, but they were junk in the first place in Grey’s defence). Yep, the famous inn that looked more like a garage that a residence. Home sweet home.

With Greys mind away on a dream ship, he didn’t notice the brunette girl come up from behind and place her hands over his eyes, which made Grey yelp rather girlishly out of character.

“Guess who?”

“Darth Vader?” Grey asked hopefully.

The girl’s sweat dropped, and dropped her hands from Grey’s line of sight. And with that, Grey turned around to face the girl. “ahhh, even better.” He smirked.

“You twit.”

“Nice to see you too Cassie.”

What annoyance the chocolate skinned girl had before was gone, and she hugged Grey in a friendly embrace.

“Grey! Its so good to see you!” she laughed.

Grey was more or less surprised by her sudden affection, but acknowledged it by hugging back his friend.

When she finally let him go, she drew her attention to the Grinder in the middle of the room, looking rather intrigued, and a little amused.

“Soooo, is this what brings you to my inn, huh? Its a joke, right?”

 “Sigh, not you too Cassie.”

The chocolate skinned girl giggled “Awww, grey, you know I’m only joshing you, eh? So what is it for, if you don’t mind me askin?”

 “It’ll be me and Felix’s entry into the Demo compo.”

“You serious?”

Grey adjusted the rear view mirror as he left in thought. “Most people think she’s a joke. But she’s got potential, I know it. She’s got years behind ‘er, experience and all. Sure it aint as shiny as the new Demo’s, but beauty aint everything.”

Cassie ruffled Grey’s dark white hair with a wide smile. “You’re so cute when you’re like that.”

Grey pushed Cassie’s hand away and tried his best to adjust his doo and hide his beet red face. “Uh... like what..?”

“You know, when you see the good in things, not judging its exterior. It’s a trait that’s hard to come by.”

“Hey now, The Grind ain’t THAT ugly... is she?”

Cassie bent down and prodded the pillows wrapped with barbed wire around the front bumper, and received a puff of smoke in the face, and gave Grey a raised brow.

Grey’s sweat just dropped.

“Look, she has her own beauty, just like you -

Grey shut his mouth, knowing full well what he could have said.
Cassie froze, her eyebrows rising higher than thought possible, bringing emphasis to her bright blue eyes. Now Grey was a little shocked at how close he was to mentioning the thing he thought was unmentionable. He just hoped that Cassie didn’t catch the ‘impossible thing at the never time’ being said. By her expression, she looked more confused than angry, which made Grey panic nether less.

Mouth agape, Cassie tried to find her words “What did you-


The End

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