The Grind

"Krude?" Grey questioned angrily.

"Thats my name." The slick brown haired boy snorted, as did his companions.

Felix, soon forgeting his pain, clenched his fists tightly as Krude inspected the Grind with a curious yet amused expression. it wasnt soon after that he started snickering without halt. this obviously cause Grey to show his anger with a snarl. neither the less, Krude kept giggling.

"Whats so funny, Krude?" Grey growled.

Running his hand through his oiled hair, his chest was heaving from his laughing fit. "What on hell's earth is that?"

Grey smirked and patted the pink driving wheel "This is 'The Grind', and we're planing on gettin' her up and ready for the Demo competition." He said proudly.

As soon as Greys words reached ears, Krude and his gang literally fell onto the pavement and let themselves be consumed by the tear inducing laughter. Greys foeheads began to swell with anger, and felix's sweat dropped.

"That hunk of junk?" Krude asked, wiping away a tear. "It dont look like no Derby material. you must be joking, Grey. your too funny!"

Grey showed no signs of breaking, which amazed Felix. usually anyone who would attack Grey's pride was due for a beating, and Felix was usually a victim of that.

"Oh, your not jokin'..." Krude grinned.

"Not one bit."

"Well, i doubt you would get past reception, let alone a race. Not while my father bought me a Spockbot."

Felix mouth agape, clearly showing his shock "A Spockbot? No way!"

"Oh, yes way." Krude said smuggly, inspecting his clean fingernails.

Now it was Grey's turn to snicker, which stunned everyone around him.

"Why are you laughin', simplton?"

"Oh, no, nothing Krude."

"You most certainly are!" Krude said, his face going red.

"Okay, i am." Grey grinned, "Its just that you think that because you have money, it means you have a chance. It takes more than money to get places."

"Why you little-

"Felix, Lets get going. Lets take our new investment back home."

Grey and Felix pulled the front bumper and dragged it further down the street, leaving behaind a completly dumbfounded Krude and his gang. A street further, waiting for the hovercars to pass, Felix spoke up again.

"A Spockbot...Money would be nice though, Grey."

"Plenty of it for the taking Felix, believe me, when the Grind is up and runnin', our hard work will pay off."

Felix sighed "Long way to go then eh?"

Grey smiled, flicking his spanner arounf his fingers "Of course. But thats the point. We have all of these holidays to stick it to the man, and to Krude."

"Playing a game boy sounds so much easier... and less dangerous..."

The End

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