Robot racing demolition derby anyone? this is a story set in 2102 in the future, where the boring lot sit up top, and the thrill seekers race and rip each other to pieces for money and the championship title. what more could a kid want? this is a collab; would love for anyone to join!

“She’s joking isn’t she?”

“Oh you would think so Felix, you would think so.”

“But... it’s a hunk of junk!”

Grey snickered. Now that was an understatement. With bullet holes in the headlights, duct tape covering the split metal and corrugated iron, and the driver’s wheel replaced with what closely resembled a pink icing and sprinkled doughnut, the four wheel drive was very much past it’s due by date. Not to mention it smelled like old people.

Really old people.

“Five hundred GP she wants, and I reckon that’s the best we’ll get.”

“Did she offer five hundred? That’s a scam that is!” Felix hissed.

Grey sighed, “Mate, I know you’re keen to get your hands on a brand new Spockbot, but we don’t have that kind of dosh to spend. And with this 2065 grind model, we can finally get our racing business up and running. And at five hundred, it’s a bloody steal. At least it has four wheels, that’s a lot to ask for.”

Felix groaned “The Spockbot doesn’t need wheels, it hovers, like, off the ground n’ stuff.”

“And it also costs eight thousand GP.”

Felix sighed in frustration. But Grey gave him a comforting punch in the shoulder that would surely bruise.

“Well, put it this way, when we grease it up in our own image, it’ll run like a beaut, and beat down a Spockbot with ease, trust me.”

Felix stared at the grind for a brief moment, and then turned back to Grey with a raised brow, his face looking unmoved.

“That’s a lot you be askin’ of me Grey; to trust you and all.”

Grey gave Felix his infamous smirks, and turned his head round his shoulder and hollered at Brenda, the junk shop owner. “We’re taken this one!”

Felix’s face immediately faltered, and mouth opening and shutting, but finding no words to counter with.

Despite her barrel shape, Brenda waddled at surprising speed to the cluttered counter, wearing a greased with oil apron and an olive grey undershirt that was a little too big for her, reaching to her knee high ugg boots.

“So you’ve made up yeh mind have ya, Grey?” she said, raising the green gem goggles to rest in her curly grey hair. “Glad to be getting rid of the eyesore myself, I’m sure you can find a good use for it.”

“You won’t miss it.” He grinned, as he placed his GP chip into the output.

“But...what...I...whoa...” the GP unit reading three thousand GP’s reduced down to two thousand five hundred with a ping.

“Spit it out Felix.”

“We didn’t agree to this purchase! As I look back, I’m pretty certain I didn’t have a say to this!”

“You did have a say Felix, it’s just It didn’t matter.”

Felix continued to splatter untranslatable dribble, while Brenda finished the print out of the receipt from the printer, which slow printing produced a high pitch teeth grinding screech that would disturb the pits of heaven. Brenda flatted out the grime-incrusted print out and stomped down a seal of...approval, wet with ink. Unbeknownst to Brenda, Felix stared in both disgust and fascination at how Brenda’s arm fat giggled like jelly at the swift movements. With a sniffle and an arm wipe from the nose, she handed the receipt to Grey, who folded it and put in his pocket for safe keeping. 

“You have a trailer, boys?” She asked with curiosity.

Felix snickered, snapped back to reality “Course we don’t! We-“

“Have arms! We’re draggin’ it home.” Grey said happily.

“Grey! Bloody hell!-

“Trailers cost GP.” Grey quickly injected.

“Your face costs GP...” he mumbled, crossing his arms over his vest, clearly showing his annoyance. Grey just gave him a confusing look.

“What are we gonna latch it to, doofus? We didn’t come with a form of transport.”

Felix raised a finger knowingly, but then took Greys words into consideration, and pouted his lips in thought. Grey ignored him, and proceeded to get a good hold onto the Grind by its front bumper.

Felix snapped his fingered as he gained a thought “Hey! We could get a hover donkey! They’re always handy! Did you think of that, doofus?” Felix commented as soon as he got beside Grey, feeling rather pleased with his response.

“GP...” He reminded.

Grey and Felix with both a hold on the front bumper proceeded to pull the three metre land driver out of the back door of the garage, finding it both difficult and irritating.

With a couple of pushes they had brought the grind onto the street of Buckle nut City; the city of buckles...and nuts. Set in 2102, a city separated and grouped between the something’s, and the nothings; and if you were nothing, then what were ya? For those people who don’t want to be neither, they find a more...fulfilling role in the city.

And that’s where these fellah’s came in. Like many young kids their age, they needed entertainment. Where game boys and anime cartoons would never satisfy the curious child, raw action would suffice. Rebelling from conformist society, the demolition derby racing was born. And like any bored child would partake, there were many contestants. And many dreamers.

Like all other kids in Bucklenut, it was the school holidays, and Grey and Felix had been saving for the past year now, wanting to get into the Demo competition for the term. Sure they had to a couple of jobs, weird jobs that are not necessary to mention. But they eventually got the dosh they needed, and still have some left over to start up shop. From customizing to signing participation papers, the money was needed.

But with blood and elbow grease (as well as real grease), they managed to get it as far as a block away from the shop before Felix suddenly let go of the Grind with a thud, hugging his fingers under his armpits and jumping up and down, wincing at the pain.

“What’s wrong now bud?” Grey asked, rolling his eyes.

“It hurts mate! It bloody hurts. I told ya we needed the hover donkey, it saves me a severed finger!”

“Quit yer whining’.” He snickered.

“You should pay more attention to your boyfriend, Grey. Sounds like he needs a cuddle.”

Grey turned around and came face to face with a familiar gang, led by an abomination to humanity.


One of my first Collab stories, and im real excited on how its gonna turn out. Partisipants welcome! :D

The End

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