"What.. where..?" 

"Oh, yeah. These are the bunkers. 'Lot more of us than you thought, eh?" Aria said. 

Holt looked around, confused. 

"But.. why? And how did you do that?!" 

"Do what?" 

"Just.. flash us here!" 

"Oh," Aria mused. "I forgot you have so much to learn.

Holt glared at her, annoyed. Why didn't she just tell him, the annoying---

"Whoa. Calm down, little One-Shot-One-Death such-a-lamo-way-to-die," She added under her breath. "I'll tell you." 

Aria started off on a long, semi-boring rant. "We can feel dimly, leave places and appear in others instantaneously, and..."

Holt, only half listening, had his attention taken away completely when a pretty blonde girl bumped into him. 

Aria finished, "And, of course, touch and/or bump into each other." She smirked as Holt stumbled and fell to the ground. 

The blonde female grabbed his hand. It was rather warm, quite unlike what he expected. As she helped him up, she said, "I'm Lana." 

Holt was about to reply when Aria shoved him, hissing.

"Shhh. There are our leaders." 

Just then, a extremely tall, extremely fat dressed in bright, vulgar pink. woman walked in from outside of the bunkers. She carried a wand and seemed to be some kind of fairy. Shortly after came a shorter, rail thin man dressed in a blue pinstriped suit. Unlike the fairy-like woman, who seemed to be rather elderly, the man was yet undecided. His hair was cut in a longish, young style, though it was inexplicably white. 

"Hello," he said.

The End

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