Heaven or Hell

So... wait. I thought I was supposed to go to Heaven or Hell when I died. Not become.. this. 

At once, a dark-haired girl in a red dress appeared in front of him. She was sort of see through and faded in and out like a bad phone connection, but she was also the only thing in color. 

"Oh, bravo, bravo. The newbie finally realised he isn't in either place," the girl said snarkily, walking around Holt slowly, looking him over. 

The thing that surprised Holt, though, is that he could hear her.

"I'm Holt. And, um... I think I just died."

"No kidding. I'm Aria."

"Why are we here?"

Aria burst out laughing. 

"If anyone knew, twerp, we wouldn't be here. We're in what I like to call, the 'Demilitarized Zone'.  If you die but have an unfulfilled purpose, or haven't done anything especially bad to go to Hell or especially good to Heaven, you're just.. sort of.. stuck here."

"Yayy," said Holt sarcastically. 

Suddenly, Aria smirked. The next moment, they were met with blinding white.

The world faded back in, this time in colour. They were in a metal-textured building. Rather normal.

The only thing that wasn't, though, was that there were people everywhere... Floating. 

The End

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