The War

A kid joins the Army. A little into his first battle, he gets shot. He's dead, but he doesn't go to Heaven or Hell. He's stuck in eternal Limbo, where everything is but isn't, and he has to get out, either back to life, into Heaven, or into Hell. (This is a just-for-fun competition with Septirath. He'll have his up. Same plot, but different names and everything. Read his too. Http://

Holt had always been a simple kid, with very simple morals. He knew to be kind, nice, and caring. He had simple looks- Straight brown hair, dull, gold eyes, not particularly handsome and no physical wonder either. Overall, he was a very average 18 year old boy.

His spirit, too, was average. A standard-issued God-given soul without any huge purpose over the course of his life. He, in life, would not even be made to exceed his seemingly impossible abilities or expectations.

But Holt also had simple and very strong beliefs. One of these beliefs is the right to defend his country. So that's why, on his birthday, he went to the army office and signed up for the military.

He was not deployed for several months. Between the time he had signed up and the time of his departure, he was basically doing what 18 year old boys do. Holt was out with friends, watched TV, was on the computer, etc. He wasn't boring but he wasn't extraordinary, either.

Two months later, he was deployed to some remote region in the corner of the earth.

Three days after that, he engaged in his first battle.

At 3: 07 in the morning, the first shot was fired.

At 3:10, Holt fired his first.

At 3:18, All of Hell rained down.

The End

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