A Joke! (Stardancer)

Still glaring at Xanthra, I jumped out of the water and turned into a pegasus and flew out over camp. Turning, I glided down a few feet away from the chatting group and lighted down.

"That hurt you know!" I neighed shrilly then snorted and pawed the ground.

"You bit me!" Xanthra a little annoyed.

"It was a joke!"

"So? It still hurt! Why don't you play with the other foals?"

"Because they don't like me. I'm a type of halfblood like you! They're jealous!" I snorted again. I shuffled my wings until they folded nicely on my sides.

"What is it you guys are talking about anyway?" Sammy nudged Xanthra.

"Why she doesn't play with the other foals and the fact that she bit me. That's no excuse you know!" Xanthra was still annoyed.

"Eh it's funner to prank you two. See ya!" I turned and trotted off to find a shady tree to lie under.

The End

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