I watched as the trio talked. Reaching down, I plucked some grass from the ground and started chewing. Don't jump to conclusions. I'm a pegasus. But a special one. My mother was a pegasus, my father a hippocampus. Don't ask, I don't know how they fell in love but they did. I'm an orphan, but my mom died after I started eating grass, luckily. My name is Stardancer. I can change between being a pegasus and being a hippocampus. Quietly, I trotted down to the lake, scooped a mouthful of water, then walked silently over to the trio. I lifted my top lip and sprayed water all over the Artemis hunter.

"What the-!" She jumped and spun around and I galloped into the trees unseen.

"Maybe some type of wave?" Xanthra shrugged. Sam went back to talking. I know their names because I had heard about Sam from Xanthra. Again, I snuck up on them and bit Xanthra on the leg. "Ow!"

"I think you found your wave!" Chander smiled. I burst out in whinnying laughter.

"Quit laughing!" Xanthra glared at me.

"But it's funny!" Only she could understand me. Sam was about to slap my rump when I ran off into the water and transformed into a hippocampus and swam away.

The End

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