I doubled over laughing as an arrow came wizzing  past my ear. I knew exactly who it was. Sam!

       "Me? I'm fine. How are you, Artemis, and the other hunters?"

         "Pretty good." She smiled.

         "Hey Chander! Guess who's here?!" I called.

      "Who?" He asked coming down the hill to the archery range. "Oh! Sam! What a surprise! You caught us on one of our quiet little days."

         "Quiet? Since when has camp been quiet?" Sam and I asked at the same time. Even though it's been a while our twin like connection was still in tact. Sometimes it gets annoying, but not often.

            "Since never. This is one of our quieter days. Better?" He replied.

       "Much." We said together once again. All three of us laughed.

      "Oh Sam. Camp is so much quieter with out you." I said thinking back at the day we both arrived exploding half the camp. Then Artemis came and Sam accepted to be her hunter just so she could be important like me. Camp was quiet after that.  "I miss the old days. Don't you Sam?"

The End

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